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Determining your inner penis

Determining your inner penis

Is there a way to determine how much inner penis a person has?

I think you’d have to stick a ruler up your bum or something? :)

Seriously though I don’t know if it’s even possible except for a rough estimation. If you measured from the pubic bone underneath where you take a BP measurement, and go backwards over the center of your balls and do kegels repetitively to feel the rod down the center get hard, I guess you could get a feel for whereabouts it ends (although that may well be inside you, at the penile root.

I think it’s generally accepted as being about the same length over again as the average, so maybe about 5-6” of inner dick.

Isn’t that nice to know - that almost every guy actually has the best part of 12” at least, if you count the whole damn thing :D

Why do you want to know? To determine how much you can pull out by stretching?

Horny Bastard

Assuming you want to know so that you can make it come out, let me assure you that your inner dick is inside for a reason—to anchor to your pelvic and pubic bones. Stretching your ligs to make it come out will basically deform your body and render your dick much less stable.

I think that most guys who think they are converting inner penis to outer penis by hanging are actually just growing their shafts, both inner and outer.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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