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Determining erection level.

Determining erection level.

Hello all, apologies in advance if this has already been covered elsewhere but searching hasn’t yielded any answers for me. I have been active in the newbie routine for about a month but have been experimenting with varied erection levels as I’m trying to ease myself into this exercise. I’ve noticed that I feel no pump/burn or notice any change of feeling in my penis if I jelq at a low erection level; should I take this to mean that I need to increase the erection? Similarly I notice a soreness/pumped sort of feeling if I jelq at higher levels; it’s also visibly darker due to this sensation I believe. Should a 50% penis be hard or rather like a limpish penis that’s full of blood. I’m really struggling to get a grasp of what a 50% level erection is. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

I wouldn’t increase the pressure that would be a mistake. The general rule is to grip your dick like holding an egg. Plus you could tell if you are jelqing right because your glans expand with blood . Your meatus the pee hole is kinda swollen too. Also another way to tell if your pushing the blood up the shaft correctly is . Your lower shaft should be light colored meaning blood is trapped in your grip while you are going up your shaft will be light in color due to jelqing blood up your shaft. Does that make sense to you?

I forgot you should be around 40 to 50% EL to start jelqing.

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