Determined's Progress

Hey Everyone. I started on this forum with the name ‘Vegeta5’, but recently changed my name to Determined06. Anyways, I cannot yet post my progress pictures right now because of my Newbie status. I started my PE journey two months ago on 7/17/06. I started at a rather small size, measuring 5 ins BP with a girth of 4 ins. Today I measured, and realized that I have reached my first length goal of 6 ins BP. I still feel ‘small’, but at least I can look back at the pictures and see that I have made some progress. It does feel good to see that I have grown an inch when I have the ruler out, but honestly when I look down it still looks the same to me. I am going to set another length goal of 7 ins BP. Once I reach my length goal of 7 ins I will begin working on my girth. So far from jelqing and stretching I have not made any noticeable girth gains, but that’s OK because I have been concentrating on length, so any girth gains would have been a positive but unintended gain.

I will admit that I still feel very small, and I know that I have a long ways to go to reach my ultimate goal of 7x5.5.. But I’m willing to put in the time. Because it’s only taken me two months to gain one inch in length. I started with a very small size, and that makes me feel uncomfortable about posting pictures. But I have been taking them because I feel that others who start with a small size, or anyone who just wants to be bigger, can see that this stuff does work.