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Details about after newbie routine period - Uli's etc.

Details about after newbie routine period - Uli's etc.

Hi everyone,

I can’t see anywhere what is the best routine after well known newbie 2 month period. If it is Uli routine I notice that it is not explained in details: what exercises to do, how often etc.. I think someone should better introduce us into post newbie workout period.
And something about newbie routine:
I practice improved variant of newbie routine few months but I don’t do kegel exercises because my aim is not to improve hardness of erection, just dimensions. My questions are:

1) Do kegels in indirect way help to increase effect of other exercises because kegels are increasing amount of blood in penis?
2) Do after workout do the same - helping to increase effect of other exercises, or just to relax penis after working hell?


Once you are two months in you need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. Am I gaining?
  2. Are my gains fast enough

If the answer to both of these is yes, carry on doing what you are doing.

If the answers are no, then you have a real issue. At base there is something not right. Are you warming up? PE is about expanding the tissue of the penis beyond it’s natural limits (heat helps with this). Are you doing that with your routine? It’s very easy to masturbate for 20 minutes and consider it jelqing. Add in some half hearted stretching and you have a routine that won’t get you anywhere. When you are jelqing properly, every stroke needs to count and every stroke needs to expand the penis beyond it’s natural limits.

If you feel that you are getting the most out of your routine, as you are doing it and if the answer to question 2 is no then it’s probably time to explore other exercises.

Start with stretches. Replace your stretches with a more intense variant. Look on the video site for V-Stretches and Aided V-Stretches.

Next consider the girth section of your routine. Consider mixing in a few of the more advanced exercises with your jelqing. Doing this can help expand you even more and can make subsequent jelqs work on this increased size. Certainly, the Uli is a good place to start as the pressure is fairly easy to increase without overdoing it. Plumped bends are also good. With all the advanced girth exercises, try hard to avoid injuring veins, start slowly, gain confidence before you add more pressure.

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Of course I warp up before workout and I do all exercises correctly. I will include these mentioned stretching forms. Just, Ulis explanations are little confusing and I would like to make some new program with these, for me, new exercises. I would like someone with greater experience learn me, at least generally, in stronger program. Its not because I am lazy to read this site, but for safety.


Check the Uli video and the stretch videos. If the Uli doesn’t make sense, check these Uli and Horse videos and read the discussion and avoid the Horse :)

Hopefully that minimises reading and maximises learning.

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The Uli will definitely make your penis sore. I did about 15 of them, and boy was my penis sore.

I’m only going to stretch now and Jelq minimize injuries as much as possible..

Better safe than sorry.

If Uli is more progressive jelq than standard newbie jelq, how many reps of these 5 second I should do if I was doing standard newbie jelq about 30 minutes? If we say one repetition is 5 sec and 5 squeezes how many to do?

Go_better, maybe you should start from start again cause you didn’t work some time.

The Uli and the Jelq are different things. With the Uli you are trying to trap all the blood and then restrict the blood to a smaller space by moving your grip up the shaft slightly.

It’s something you can feel quite well, so it’s probably good to go by feel.

Just add 5 X 20-30 second Ulis in the middle of your jelqing.

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