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Desiring the Baseball Effect

Desiring the Baseball Effect

I have been PEing for a month now and seen good gains in length and in girth. I am very happy and just want to sing it from the mountain. My penis isn’t a great looking penis though. I start out large at the base, over 6 inches in girth and hold that size to a little beyond half way. I then start to get smaller towards the last half of my penis. I gradually get smaller and smaller towards the end or the gland. My gland is small compared to the size I start with. I have heard guys talking about the baseball effect happening with their penis’s. I desire and want the baseball effect. And especially want the head or gland to get larger. If I could accomplish the baseball effect then I could get a more uniform looking penis. Can anyone tell me who has had the baseball effect happen with there penis direct me on what I need to be doing to get this effect. It would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Danni

Have you done a search using the Advanced Search page and the search term “baseball bat” and, this is the key, selecting “Search Titles Only” from the drop-down menu below the keyword entry box (on the left)? You’ll find almost all the threads where the guys who have this shape talk about it.

Suggestions to get the effect? Perhaps jelqing only the outer half of your penis.

Getting a bigger glans (not gland)? See this thread.

Do the newbie routine for another 2 months to condition your penis. Then start doing Ulis, they will help you gain girth at the upper part of your penis.

Are you uncut?

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