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Desensitizing Penis.

Desensitizing Penis.

So I’ve been edging pretty consistently for the past month, with little to no success. :(
(Doing this to try to prevent the other PE)

My foreskin is still intact, and I’m now looking for a way to make my head and glands less sensitive, so when they are being rubbed, I won’t have the urge to come as quickly.

Obviously walking around with no underwear on (like some people do) isn’t going to help me, because my foreskin covers, and protects everything. Do you guys have any suggestions for an easy way to keep my foreskin retracted all day long, so that I can do this?

I tried tape, but it’s an absolute pain in the butt. And it hurts like hell to remove. (Fyi, don’t ever put tape on, or near your glands. Putting it on is easy, and painless. But taking it off is the most excruciating pain you’ll ever experience)

My latest invention is using a rubber band. I drew a quick picture so I don’t have to go in depth explaining.

Basically I double up a rubber band so it fits snuggly (not too tight) around my penis. Then I separate the top of the rubber band (because there’s two parts when it’s doubled up), and pull the excess skin into that gap. It holds it there pretty nicely, and keeps the whole head, and the glands exposed.

A few downsides though. It starts to sting after awhile, because it’s a little tight (but putting a looser one on wouldn’t help, because it couldn’t keep the skin from falling back into place). It stings a little more if I start getting an erection (because it gets tighter). And I walk around all day trying to keep an erection subsided, because my penis/glands are being stimulated so much.

Is this good, and safe to do?
Any other suggestions?


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Starting: (8/12/04) BPEL: 7.75" EG: 5.5" (skinny) Goals: BPEL: 8" EG: Stupendous

Can’t really help you with the issue, but of course be careful with the rubber band and monitor circulation.


Gotta agree with Alice here…

Anything that restricts blood flow is something you don’t want to have hidden under your clothes while you walk around during the day.

The last thing you want to happen is to get undressed and find out the reason you’ve been magically desensitized is because you have cut off the circulation to your glans and have to make a quick trip to the emergency room for the removal of dead tissue or, worse yet, amputation. :'

If the foreskin really bothers you that much, have you considered having it surgically removed?

Otherwise, I’d say spend more time desensitizing your penis the old-fashioned way…

… by using it as often as you can! :rear:



and if you ever find tape stuck to your
skin in any situation, some mineral oil
and a Q-tip go along way in making
the removal process a painless one

One way to stop the other pe is to squeeze the glans before an encounter. Giving it a good squeeze hits the dorsal nerve creating minor numbness and therefore less sensitivity. Obviously you dont want to much pressure to avoid injury, the pressures something for you to play around with-so to speak.


One way to stop the other pe is to squeeze the glans before an encounter. Giving it a good squeeze hits the dorsal nerve creating minor numbness and therefore less sensitivity. Obviously you dont want to much pressure to avoid injury, the pressures something for you to play around with-so to speak.

Don’t try this. You never know how many times it will take before the numbness because permanent. There are other methods to get over the other PE, and this technique is not worth the risk.


It’s all about conditioning and practice. Keep on edging and concentrate on that feeling when you’re built up and close to the edge (but not too close). Try to enjoy that sensation and maintain it for as long as possible. Over time and with enough mental conditioning, you will desensitize yourself. It’s all in your mind.

Check out the Premature Ejaculation folder in my favorites for some more helpful advice. The thread in there that Stubby started deals with desensitizing via pills and cremes which you might want to try. Good luck!

I stand corrected.


I’ve been edging consistently for the past week using instructions I found on this forum. (Basically concentrating on the feeling, instead of the visual aspect)

I think it’s been working, I have a considerable amount of stamina doing that.

I’ve also been masturbating a lot just watching TV. Nothing sexual, just watching TV (lots of informercials, and late night talk shows). And if I just concentrate on watching TV, I can literally go as long as I want. However, when I turn off the TV within a minute or so, I feel the need to come.

Is there any trick to taking your mind off sex, or coming? I know people usually say “think about working on your car” or “think about your grandmother naked” or something along those lines. But when I do that, I find my mind just goes right back to sex, and the feeling I’m getting.


Starting: (8/12/04) BPEL: 7.75" EG: 5.5" (skinny) Goals: BPEL: 8" EG: Stupendous

>Is there any trick to taking your mind off sex, or coming?<

Are you crazy or what? It’s like taking the dog for a run. There are plenty of good things going on. You have seperate ejaculation and orgasm. It’s quite hard to accieve since it requires some reprogramming of your brain. You know the ancient people (yoga, Tao etc) blieve that having an ejaculation is a hard stuck for your body. They argue with energie flow and stuff but asking me it just triggers the release program of our brain. Work done, go to sleep. You know after an ejaculation we are all quite a bunch of boys having a mushy head. If you had a really good orgasm before (+ejaculation) you know what I mean. It’s like a blackout.

I guess the mushy head and sleepness comes from the body trying to wipe out the hormons build within the brain to get us into mood and into the action and get us back to normal. Anyway we lose the ability to be clear and awake. If you are young (I am 25 by now) it should be possible to recover from a date with your right hand without going to sleep but it was always a lot more harder to recover from the drive a real girl brings into the fight.

So how can you seperate it? Well it doesn’t has anything to do with distraction nor with delaying something. Actually I guess its just getting as close as you can get to the point where you start to having a shoot out with the toiletpaper.

As from my own expierences there are two points of action during sex. First one is to clean and preperate the pipe by getting the load ready (mostly the secretion carring the food for the sperms not the sperms) and the second point is to get the sperms ready and fire them up. The orgasm is something that is synchronized within it but it is triggered from the first one. So cleaning the pipe is the key. You know the pre ejaculation you get some-times? That is the cleaning of the pipe. You would waste much energy to fire up a load of sperm without a wet pipe. (I guess).

So just go and mastrubate. (watch free porn like I do :-) and before you reach the point when you are about to shoot out stop(!) and let your gun cool down a bit (read the forum ;-)). Then give it a second try. After one week or more you should be able to tell when to stop, and after some couple of weeks, you will have seperated both points as much as you should be able to have an orgasm without an ejaculation. There are several technics to improve that like use your pc (like you would hold your piss) but I dont know. I ejaculate in my bladder mostly. But beside it wouldn’t be that excaustive like a real ejaculation.

PS: I am only able to seperate both points and get a full orgasm without ejaculation. I can go on and on but need a couple of a break (like 30secs) to not climax into an ejaculation. There are guys out there who dont even need that break. But I am only training this for about 3 month now.

BreadUnit has got the ticket, that is what I am working on with some success but only solo not in the real ring going for a title shot. I look forward to the actual orgasm with ejaculation after having a few dry orgasms during sex…supposed to be unreal!! Anyway don’t go getting your foreskin chopped off, When I was 8 yrs old I watched as my younger brother had to get circumcised because of medical reasons so I swore I would never go through that. I decided to pull my foreskin back and wrapped it up in gauze and taped it (just like my brothers looked after his surgery) and went to school as usual. It took a few days maybe a week but it stayed back after the head thoroughly dried out and have kept it back ever since (30 yrs). Now is the only time it slips over the head once in a while because of jelqing I guess.

> but only solo not in the real ring going for a title shot. <

Yeah that is a real problem! :-) The problem is to get enough training rides. Currently I am staying away from girls since I am doing my studies very serious over here and hopefully in 6months I am ready to hit the road than. Thats actually my plan. Get a trained dick and recover my good old sex-skills dulled during some years of studying. :-( Boy that sux. My grandma is thinking I am already gay… . But I dont care. I am just hoping they will live long enough to see my next girl friend. But who cares anyway… .

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