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Desensitizing head of penis

Desensitizing head of penis

Hey guys, OK Ive done a few searches on this forums and all Ive been able to pull up are both sides of the story. I’m not circumcised, and Ive been thinking that if I have a routine where I rub the head of my dick against a pair of jeans or something that it would desensitize it, and therefore make me last longer during sex. Some people say that guys who are cut can last longer because the head of their dick is desensitized from rubbing on their clothing. Other people however say that guys who are cut actually have MORE problems with premature ejaculation.

So what do you guys think (any of the vets, or someone who has maybe tried this), would always having my foreskin back and rubbing it on a pair of jeans once a day make me last longer?

Why go through all that trouble? Just learn to become multi orgasmic, then your problems will melt like snow in front of the sun.

I lasted a lot longer.What I did was keep my foreskin down for a few week it will start to dry out and peel just like a sun burn don’t worry it’s normal it’s just turning to a external organ as the foreskin used to keep it moist when a internal I did my research :) .And because the head is exposed rubbing against your boxers all day it will desensitize itself.Before I used to last a few minutes to ejaculation now I can manage a far greater time

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