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Man, you guys cannot believe how depressed I’ve become on account of my penis size. My ego has literally collapsed to sub levels. I’m 7x4.5, which is not only unproportionate, but also very thin. My girlfriend has had really big guys in her past, and I feel as if I’m not going to pleasure her when we’ll start having sex. I really, really want to increase the size of my girth, as fast and as much as possible. I’m going to start pumping and I’ve already started a mix of pe exercises (sadsky slinky, dry jelq, and milking) for about a half hour to an hour daily. I’ve been doing these exercises for almost a week now, and the base of my penis feels quite sore. I haven’t seen any difference in size, and this exhausts my self esteem even more. If you guys could help me with this in any way (I’m mostly interested in girth, I don’t care much for length) I’d appreciate it very much, and be in your debt. Before I sleep with my girlfriend I’ll also make sure to pump up, so it doesn’t look as pathetically thin. I have some pictures that I might upload, if you guys would like. :( God, I really didn’t think a thin penis would effect my self esteem so much..

Any help on routines or anything that’ll get me a good girth boost in 2 months, would be very much appreciated. Thanks all.

Man, you got nothing to worry about! You are in the right place. Just take your time- if you injure yourself, then you won’t even be able to wack it when you want to!

Also, don’t forget that your penis is only one of many tools you have to please your woman.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

I hear where you’re coming from man. Same problem here.

However she insists(without me saying anything) that she loves having sex with me, and everything is great.

But then again, I’m still insecure about it. :(
Plus she says she likes black guys if you know what I mean. I asked her if it’s the size she likes and said that she wouldn’t have sex with me if I was that big, I.e Mandago. But then again I don’t believe her, and I wouldn’t mind been rejected cause I’m too big. Hehe

Anyway, search for girth routines and you will find a lot of interesting techniques. Try the orange bend. Seems to work for me. Girth gains have been better for me, when combined with Ulis and just 5 mins of jelqing, and 30-45 mins of edging.

Good luck.

P.s I’m about the same size. I’m 7’ BPEL and 4.5’ erect girth, so I feel you.

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Legolas: I know, I’m trying my best but can’t seem to help myself from becoming greedy. I want gains fast, and all I ask for is girth.

Darkreign: Man I’m glad that I’m not the only one with the same problem. I wouldn’t mind a 5 incher and being 7 around, that would be amazing! But unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with suck cocks. :(

It’s getting me down, and it really sucks. I’m going to try these exercises and see what I can do. But even with a .5 gain in girth in 2 months (even that is unlikely) I’ll still be just average. How awful. :(

I know man. I’ve been trying and trying myself, and always give up after some time. You’ll see a difference.

By the way : Kalosorises file. Nomiza oti imouna monos edo pera. ;P

Originally Posted by EvilDeath
It’s getting me down, and it really sucks. I’m going to try these exercises and see what I can do. But even with a .5 gain in girth in 2 months (even that is unlikely) I’ll still be just average. How awful. :(


Give yourself a freaking break.. do you know how many guys in the world would kill for a 7x5 unit!!!

You are buying into a lie. Chill out and realize that you are starting out with a very well sized unit. Once you put on a 1/2 inch of girth you will have a very nice sized, above average penis. Anything over a 1/2 inch in girth and you will be WELL above average in length and girth.

Take your time and be CONFIDENT in yourself. Women love confidence MORE than they love size. I guarantee it!

You know 4.5 inch girth isn’t bad that’s like average man and you have really good length. Let me tell you something I have 6.5 inch girth and yeah I’m happy I have good girth, but you know what every girl I have sex with is swollen afterwards and sore, also often we have to stop before I can finish because their too sore. I love my girth but I think perfect girth is around 5.5 inch not 6 or 7. So for you that means 1 inch in girth, if your dedicated you can probably do this in a year.

Darkreign: ellinas? Ahahaha, that’s hilarious! Oreos. Gia esena doulevi to PE, poso kairo kaneis?

ToolGuy: I know, I know. But it’s also a sort of jealousy issue with my girlfriend. I think about all the guys she’s been with and how some of them had bigger dicks than me, and it sends me spiralling into an even bigger depression..

Growshop: I WISH I had your girth, no matter what you say. Honestly I’d give anything to have a penis that thick. I’d trade in 2 inches in length to receive that. *Sigh*

If the mods would pardon me this time :)

Ela file, prospathisa polles fores na arxiso alla stamato. Ekei ine to provlima exi apo tin ilikia ton 15 pou 3ero pos kai an ta ekana tha ixa mian poutsa! To provlima ine oti tora telefteos pou arxisa na fgenno me to koritsi mou exo komplari afou mou elege gia tous mavrous kai oti tis aresoun. Gia mena mavros distixos simeni poutsara. O proin tis ton ixen megalo kai distixos ego oxi. Malaka ego na dis katathlipsi, mexri ta klamata ithela na valo giati niotho mian adikian sinexos kai niotho oti oli tin exoun pio megali apo mena. Mou prokali anasfalia sinexos. Distixos prepi na kratisis ena programma gia na dis diafora. Ego file ida diafora se liges evdomades alla me pollin prospathia. Exi peripou 1-2 mines pou kano kai stamato, alla ipa na sinexiso. Doulevi re file to thema ine na to paris apofasi, tote tha dis apotelesma.

Sorry about the change of language there. I’m just trying to make EvilDeath feel at home. :P

Dark reign, se euxaristo poli file mou gia tin boithia. Na sou po kati, min anisixeis gia tous mavrous, giati exo dei ego kati arapides me mikro tsoutsounes :p . Pote den ksereis kai den exei megalh simasia to megethos, alla pos to xrisimopies. Kouragio kai kali prospatheia me to PE. I’m trying my best as well, and I really hope to see results. Mia mera thelo na pao na agoraso ena pump na do mipos auto mou thn megalosi ligo, omos eimai dropalos. :P

Thanks for the help darkreign, I do feel at home now. :)

I’ve seen those myself, it’s just the general idea behind it, and how our women interpret it. You know, en mavros as poumen, oxi pos exi diafora, apla etsi lene. Heh :P

I know it’s how you use it, thank god for that, otherwise I’d be locked up in my room all day not talking to anyone. :D

The pump in my opinion is only temporary, the effect that is, unless you use it for a long period of time. Use some other methods, like the Uli thing once you get the hang of the ‘manual’ Uli. If however you want a pump get one of the Internet(I’m a shy person as well).

File, I’ve seen an increase of almost 0.5 inches - (1 inch after PE) in a month(if not less) which is pretty good.

Anyway, if you need anything just PM me.

Hey don’t get upset over it. With time and persistence you can increase your size.


You need to get past your desparation. Try to be patient. If it’s any consolation, I can tell you I gained 0.7” of girth in about 2.5 months. I did it by stretching and jelqing—nothing fancy—5 days per week, with 2 days off in a row. The jelqing gave me great morning wood. I used that to my advantage by doing some hard squeezes most mornings while still in bed, as low down on my unit as I could reach.

Learn to Kegel. Do it as often as you can. Learn to hold your Kegels for a long time—at least until the count of 5. You’ll probably have to work up to it gradually.

I hope my experience will motivate you to take things slow and easy, like I did. Don’t try to force your penis to grow. Use the exercises to encourage your growth. Be consistent and sensible. Don’t hurt yourself. Chances are good that you’ll have some progress to report within 2 or 3 months.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Ginseng and Ginkgo helps aswell as healthier living. Walking, running, jogging whatever it is you do will help build up stamina. If you smoke or take alot of alcohol you should quit. Good luck

It’s the old cliche, you want what you don’t have. If you had a 5x6, you’d be on here saying you’d give anything for another two inches in length. Appreciate that you have a good length :) The girths not too bad, my girth is like the same as yours and my length is less….I’ve never had any complaints, but I am on here for the same reason as everyone else.

I suggest warming up, stretching for 5 mins to get loose, doing like 300-400jelqs (do them quite slowly), and then maybe edge for 20minutes…also do kegels during the day…That’s what I’ve found has worked for girth so far with me, and i’m noly 3weeks and and still learning loads of new things!

Best of luck, but I do have a few words to personally say to you:
- You only live once, when you look back on this situation when your 70, you’ll kick yourself about your low self esteem…I’ve had VERY low days, trust me, but at the end of the day I want to improve myself and have fun at the same time…Just be confident in yourself, and be confident that this will work!

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.

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