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Depression and the Penis


Depression and the Penis

Hi Guys - I have been down for some months with depression - now on the mend. I was wondering to what extent others on this site were - or had been suffers. When you are depressed nothing even the thought of sex, a larger penis, etc does nothing. I wondered to what extent folk might be getting depressed on this site if they don’t quite measure up to the bigger boys - or if their progress is slow. Comments?

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Hi there Keirs,

I take Zoloft for depression and it works really well. However you have to give it like 4-6 weeks to feel its full effect. Depression in my case is a lifelong as it’s a result of chemical build-ups. Depression has nothing to do with being big. It’s all in the brain.

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soon to be nine.

I would try a non-pharma solution first……product148.html

I have suffered from depression as well. I read a book called “The Present”. It sucks. But one important lesson I took from it was to take pleasure and pride in everything you do (including work, doing dishes, etc.). Don’t think about all the better things you could be doing just focus on what you are doing. Sounds corny but it helps.

Originally Posted by NineInchNails
Depression has nothing to do with being big. It’s all in the brain.

That’s very true. Being big might help for a couple weeks but people prone to depression usually just find something else to be depressed about. It requires time and a change in perspective (and occassionally a few prescription drugs).

Thanks northof60 for the non-pharma solution. Don’t really like the pharma route. Your other suggestion is fine -focussing on any small positive thing and being ‘in the moment’. Thanks

P.S. Anyone got any other tips for supplements (and exercises) to stimulate that all important blood flow to —-!

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Meditation is the answer. Just clear your mind of all thought. Relax. Notice your body sensations. Just relax somewhere. Don’t think about anything. Just relax. Even if you can only really relax deeply for a few minutes each day your problems will appear a lot smaller.

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Had a look at your own blog website - interesting


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Originally Posted by hotwrap
Meditation is the answer.

It is one answer. Not for all though - depression is pretty complex and the underlying reasons vary a lot.

(by the way, there are plenty of threads on this topic here at thunders, the latest are started by JuliusCeasar and Cascade)

regards, mgus

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I agree - various means are need to tackle depression - no point just relying on pills.



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I was surprised at the number of guys here who seem to relate to depression.

But then again perhaps it isn’t really surprising at all when one considers issues such as self esteem, self analysis etc.

I don’t however think that the site itself promotes or exacerbates depression. Quite the opposite infact.

I know the feeling.


I would like to quote this though it is generic.

Originally Posted by Plutarch
Those who aim at great deeds must also suffer greatly.

Say, the more we want or expect, the more likely we would feel unsatisfied, unhappy and empty etc…

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Well I’ll give you some advice from a life long depressive, feel free to argue with me but this is what I do and I’ve found it’s helped me out so much!

Firstly, don’t be a closet depressive, go see your doctor straight off! He’s your first line of defense, and tbh will be glad that you are talking to him about it. Once you’ve gone to see the doctor and talked, you’ll feel a little better (mainly because you’ve talked bout it) but also because the doctor will be able to tell you what kind of depression you have. E.g. Clinical depression, maniac depression, or like me, Cyclothymia (fast cycling mood swings). The best things for dealing with depression are the following (I’ve found):

1. Medications (if it’s correct for your depression type) can really help get your body chemistry back into whack.
2. Proper diet. I cannot stress this point (or the next one) enough!! Your diet is how your body gets it’s energy, and how you maintain your equilibrium. If you’re not sure what to do, go see a nutritionist or dietician and get a diet sorted out for you. And by diet I don’t mean weight loss, I mean correct eating habits.
3. Like point 2 I can’t stress this one enough! Your body requires exercise to function properly, and believe it or not, you will actually feel more energetic and better about yourself if you are exercising regularly (don’t be like me and be a total gym junkie though)
4. Set step by step easy to achieve goals. Setting goals is important and you get a boost everytime you achieve one. They make the next goal that much easier to achieve, and to set out for the one after!!
5. Routine. Get yourself a routine to your life (if you don’t have one). Do things regularly and keep doing them. I know this sounds like a kind of wierd point, but routine is a key ingredient to keeping your mind healthy.

Finally, one other point for those of you depressives out there! Be positive and don’t compare yourself to other people. So you’ve been doing PE for 3 years and only gained 1/2 an inch length/girth when there are people who’ve gained 2+ inches?? So what? You’ve gained and that’s all that matters. Some people can naturally gain more, some can’t. Always keep positive, because being negative only harms one person: you.

And for those out there who dislike the idea of having an “Anti-depressant” because it’s socially whatever, or you don’t want to be on drugs just to feel normal, remember, anti-depressants aren’t what people call them. They are actually mood stabilisers. That’s all. They help your brain to maintain it’s equilibrium on your emotions, that’s all. So if you need a “magic pill” to make you feel better for a few months, then oh well, take the damn pill and stop worrying about it.

Oh and sorry for the long post, I got on topic and started ranting. :P

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bunneh69- Many thanks for your long post - much appreciated. No I don’t want to argue with any of your points. Your multi attack approach is a very wise one. Yes simple things like proper diet and exercise and routine are all important. Guess what - it is a great boost to know that folk out there like yourself take the time to give advice. On that basis this forum can be a great natural mood stabiliser. Tghankd


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