breakme mate,

Firstly may I just say that you have taken a very brave and empowering step coming here to Thunders and in your quest for PE information in general. Alot of good advice has already been offered and I think the ‘persistence’ line has been flogged to death, lol, but there is no greater truth about PE to be honest.

If you take a look at the thread I started yesterday in this very newbie forum you will see that I started WAY below average (smaller than you) and now I am up to average and really quite large in girth. Of all the amazing experiences I have been privileged enough to enjoy in my life up to this point, I would have to say that seeing my penis, something I thought I was stuck sizewise for life, change before my very eyes is truly breathtaking. PE is a gift of knowledge, and what you decide to do with it is entirely up to you; the same goes for anything in life i.e. taking education to higher levels, building your body, learning a musical instrument, the list is endless.

I think that once you have established a routine then you have to stick to it. RELIGIOUSLY. Make it as much a part of your routine as waking up, brushing your teeth and eating are. Once integrated into your daily routine, I can guarantee 100% that you will see results, and when those results materialise, boy there is there no going back!

Trust me, I have gone through so many ‘low’ and desperate periods in my life over penis size that I have now lost count. I know your position and that it is hard to follow the beckonings from people on the ‘other side of the fence,’ but once you break through this spell, which I know you will, the rewards will be one of the best that you or I could possibly wish for in this lifetime.

Best wishes and happing gaining!!