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Depressed due to size; had to join and start


Welcome and happy PE.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Originally Posted by iamaru
[*]Thunder is actually an AI.

Wow, what if he isn’t the only one? What if everyone that is making claims of gains are also AI!!

Don’t tell me this is the beginning of skynet, targeting insecurities of men!?

I’m getting paranoid here!

Nice concept for a movie though.

Started 15-07-2011 NBPEL 6" (15cm) x MSEG: 5,25" (13,5cm)

01-02-2012 NBPEL 6,4" (16cm) x MSEG: 5,75" (14,5cm)

GOAL: NBPEL 7" x EG: 6" (17,5cmx15cm)

Welcome Zp and I must tell you I have had impressive gains since may I must confess totally unexpected now I am confident I may reach 6.5 inches before Christmas 2011

Blue eye, blonde latino

Originally Posted by 74zowee86
Welcome aboard. Consistent application of the newbie routine will sort you out nicely for the next 2-3 months.

The only reason to be depressed about something is if there is no possible way to alter it. You’re here and you are doing something about altering things so don’t be depressed… it’ll be just like self obsessed wallowing if you do, and no one digs that!

Oh and 5 inches is well in the normal range of length. It’s plenty big enough that you could have rocked all those missed opportunities’ worlds. So don’t just wait until PE works it’s magic… get out there and start taking advantage of things that comes your way- especially sexual encounters!

ZP, remember the last paragraph there. You’re well within the normal top of the bell curve of size distribution. AKA normal size.

Porn makes you think we all have big dicks, but it’s pretty rare. You’re already ahead of the game finding this site. Stick with the exercises and you will be above average. :)

B4: 6.875" NBPEL / 7.5" BPEL / 5.75" EG

9/12: ?? NBPEL / 7.75" BPEL / 6" EG

Goal: Coveted 8 x 6


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