Dejas 2nd pix

Well as you know it or just some advice ! I hope I got at least a few gains on it. Here are some pix I took! As you can see I use my celly phone to take these wonderful pix. In the first pix I am flaccid all the way, in the 2nd I am semi erect and the last I am hard hard but ! Wit the skin pulled back :( don’t it just look more longer

With the skin pulled back ? Well if any questions about the pix or any advice let me know because I like it when it looks like a really nice Bonner better then having to pull back on my skill.

And iam circumcised ! And any advice and hold to make my flaccid more hangie then to just having it up in my stomach ?

***Attachtment deleted*** Please post any “in use” pictures showing genitalia, in the Members Pics Forum and provide a link to it in your original thread.
Thank you, Matti

Thanks !

Starting Stats: 5" bpel x 5.3"

Current Stats: 5" bpel x 5.5"

Goal: 8" bpel x 6"

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