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Dehydration led to ED

Dehydration led to ED

I had a severe case of ED which scared the shit out of me. so I quit doing PE completely for a while. All I cared about was getting a decent hard-on. It got to the point where nothing was changing so I gave up on even planning to have sex. I could only get a 70% erection. Recently I started doing Arnold Schwartzengger’s workout routine and he stated in there to drink lots of water for various reasons. And how being dehydrated can actually lead to severe muscle loss (or not gaining muscle). So sure enough I start drinking tons of water and I am getting extreme hard-ons now, twice the amount of energy that I did have. And extremely fast gains in the gym. People don’t forget to drink your water, its extremely important.! Someone correct me here if I am wrong but I was told you were supposed to drink enough water to go pee 6 times a day to be optimal. Someone else here probably has more accurate informatino reguarding this.


P.S. Arnold’s routine is completely crazy. I don’t recommend anyone doing it unless you are an experienced body-builder.

Hematocrit (your bloods portion of red blood cells) makes up approximately 45-55% of your total blood volume. The rest of your total blood volume is made up of plasma (save for approx. 1% that is your buffy coat) which is basically water and all things that are dissolved in it (ions, glucose, urea, etc). So yes, it makes complete sense that one would want to keep themselves as hydrated as possible in the interest of their hard ons. Your body has several mechanisms to compensate when it comes to keeping your blood volume constant, but it can only do so much. Going without sufficient water for several days (to the point of dehydration) will likely lay waste to your EQ.

Thanks for the tip Uplink, I notice when my energy starts becoming unstable or I just feel lousy I usually have forgotten to drink water.

Now a tip for you, don’t follow Arnold’s routine unless you are using the same gear and supplements he was. (I am a big Arnold fan but we all know he used gear for more than just preparing for a show.) Following Jay Cutler’s routine fucked my shoulder big time which I am sure would no of happened if I was healing at a rapid rate.

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Here’s an easy way to remember to drink water:

Make it a habit: you go to the bathroom and urinate, you drink some more water after that.


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