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Define Jelq Stroke

Define Jelq Stroke

I have been reading all I can on this site about the Jelq technique and the many routines. Each routine lists a number of strokes. Since Jelq should be done with alternating hands, left, right, left, right, does one stroke equal one L/R set or is each stroke of the hand considered a stroke. Which is correct: L/R-1, L/R-2, L/R-3, L/R-4 or L-1, R-2, L-3, R-4?

Well, just to stay consistent, I think the count should be based on what’s happening to your dick, not what’s happening with your hands. So each time you squeeze your dick with a hand, a powerjelq, jelqsticks or whatever that’s a stroke.

I wish I could dispel the idea that there’s only one way to jelq. For some reason the one-hand-replaces-the-other technique is often considered the only way; but jelqing is a really good technique because there are so many ways to do it effectively. Check out the jelq/girth section of the Thunder’s Place Video Series Thunder’s Place Video Series for some variations.

Even the wet jelq can be done with differently. One way: Try grabbing the end of your dick with the head in a sort of closed claw grip and then stretch it out a little. Then, with your other hand, grip tightly around the base in an underhand OK grip and then jelq. (Think nasty thoughts so you get some blood in there.) When you’re well conditioned and want to get fancy, push downward with the hand that’s holding the head as you jelq up with your other hand so that you’re doing a sort of Horse jelq. (The Horse 440: Horse 440 Squeezes I still haven’t been patient enough to figure out how to hyperlink words in Foxfire.)

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