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Decreased erection strength after a couple light routines

Decreased erection strength after a couple light routines

I’ve been following the newbie routine for only about a week. I have been pretty easy on the stretching (definitely not to the point of pain or discomfort). The only thing I noticed is my FSL is not that much longer than my FL at this point. It doesn’t want to stretch much. My jelqing has probably been on the light side as well. And I’ve been doing one day on, one off this first week.

Despite taking it easy, and being in my twenties, my erections have become less frequent this week and my erection strength was very low this evening. Is this normal? Should I just stop at this point? It’s discouraging.

I may also mention that I haven’t been doing the full sets of kegels.

Maybe a little bit of fatigue. Don’t PE for a few days (until every thing is back to normal) then, try it again but lighter. You might want to try stretching or jelqing alone for a while to try to identify which exercise could be the cause of this loss of erection strength (if that’s the cause).

Take it easy in the beginning! Don’t rush, time and consistency is the best way to gain as far as PE is concerned.

This happens to me if I don’t get a good warm up before my work outs. May not be the same but something to try when you start up again

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How many hours of sleep do you get at night? Your penis heals and gets stronger/bigger when you sleep, not when you PE. (:

You can’t judge your response to others response. Your body will recover at its own pace. The main thing is to stop completely until normal erections return.

When you begin again, scale back or take every other day off.

Loss of erectile quality (EQ) is a SURE indicator of overtraining. Scale your PE to your own reaction.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
When you begin again, scale back or take every other day off.

And if that is still too much, don’t be afraid to do a 1on/2off routine. That’s what worked for me. For some, less is A LOT more.

I’ve found out the hard way that my body does not recover fast from injury…ANY injury. Even when weightlifting, my body was never sore the day after the workout, but rather two days after the workout. It seemed as if my body has some sort of delay response to healing/recovery.

Sorry for the rant.

Do what sparkyx says and only listen to your OWN body.

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Thanks for the info, guys. In response:

-I was previously doing 1 day on / 1 day off, but maybe even this was too much to start with. I will switch to 1 day on / 2 days off (or go even lighter during the workouts);

-I haven’t been getting my normal amount of sleep lately, I’ll factor that in to the recovery time;

-I usually get the most sore two days after a gym workout as well. Interesting.

Let me suggest some reading that will help;

NEW newbie + advanced routine a good sensible routine.

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth! The first PI thread.

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) part II Second PI thread.

Change your attitude and GROW! Good one that addresses what I said above.

I wrote the last 3 listed here, to help guys get their heads in the right place, and how to read what your body is telling you. The first one is by J123, and I think implements a lot of these concepts in a nice sensible approach to PE for guys that may need more recovery than the average PE’er…and progresses you up to any level necessary to grow.

Good luck.

Don’t forget the kegels…it happened to me too,before-not much streching and jelquing,but lower erection quality.But when i started doing kegels,everything went back to normal.

I see it like this(and pardon my metaphore):if you fight with a normal sword,your hands get used to it-but if you want to fight with a bigger sword,you need to make your arms this case your arms being your PC muscle.That’s what kegels are for.

Originally Posted by Chicken
if you fight with a normal sword,your hands get used to it-but if you want to fight with a bigger sword,you need to make your arms stronger..

You’re such a poet!

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