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Decrease in orgasmic pleasure

Decrease in orgasmic pleasure

Hey all,

Just got back into PE and definitely noticing some small gains (about 1.5-2months in), however I’m worried that my orgasmic pleasure might be decreasing as a result of PE, is this even possible? (I definitely feel like I’ve lost some sensation, but only do about 100 jelqs every other day so don’t think its too intense)

*Just as a disclaimer, during this exact same timespan I’ve been “cutting” (getting leaner after a bulk) and have also gone from masturbating about 5 times a day to about once or twice.. Is there a chance that I no longer feel as much pleasure during orgasm and masturbation due to my dieting?

Sorry I also forgot to mention that my ejaculate no longer comes out at a burst but instead appears more like pre-cum, it can happen even before orgasm (doesn’t really concern me as I’ve always been multi-orgasmic and this is similar) but whereas it used to shoot out now it kind of “seeps” out like pre-cum

Thanks in advance for any help

I’m 52 and when I’m well rested things just fly out, but when I’m tired and stressed and over PE’d then things aren’t quite as energetic.

Sounds like you need a rest, PE is extremely tiring.

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Originally Posted by a-unit

Sounds like you need a rest, PE is extremely tiring.

Sounds to me like he could f**k himself to death! He needs intervention!

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