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Deconditioning vs. Cementing (Cold Turkey vs Addiction)

Deconditioning vs. Cementing (Cold Turkey vs Addiction)

Just got off a 6 month regimented routine and before I switch to a more freestyle routine that suits me , i’m thinking I’m gonna take some time off.

Now from the threads I have searched on, the consensus is that taking time off is a good thing,
since it helps to break plateaus. However I couldn’t find anything relating to whether quitting cold turkey complete PE stop is better as opposed to slowly deconditioning and cementing gains.

Like to hear some feedback from anyone on any aspect of rest periods, and if anyone has a idea of some kind of decondition or cementing routine that hasn’t already been posted.

IMO, go cold turkey. Whatever gains you have cemented will stay. Those that haven’t should be easily recoverable when you resume PE. If you haven’t gained in the past month or two, your current size ought to be pretty well locked in.

If deconditioning is the task at hand, just jump in and do it. A tapering or half-assed routine probably won’t get you any further gains, but it will delay deconditioning.

Stopping PE isn’t easy. Good luck. :)

I finally stopped PE altogether, and you’re right hobby, it’s not easy. My gains thus far are cemented (as I’ve not been doing PE for about 2 months and still haven’t lost them), so I plan on starting back soon when I feel my tissues are at their weakest. When I first started reading at PE Forums a few years ago, I read posts about breaks and related it to the callouses that I get on my fingers from playing guitar. Just like when any other collagen is repeatedly torn or damaged, they get pretty damn tough … I (totally) quit playing guitar for about 2 months, and when I start back my fingers are so soft that it hurts to press the strings down all of the way (whereas before I could have held them over an open flame and barely felt it). However, if I were to play maybe twice a week or so (even if it’s just like an hour a each day I play), it takes much longer for the callouses to soften.

JumboDog ,

I agree with hobby. Quit cold turkey so the tissues become weak more quickly. That is unless you have had a recent gain. If that’s the case you might want to do some cementing before you quit. But like hobby said, don’t do a half-assed routine. There’s no need to slowly decondition the tissues … you want to get back to gaining ASAP right? :)

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Soon, that’s an excellent analogy. The same goes for one’s lip on woodwind instruments. A few short sessions per week will keep it in shape to some degree.

“Do or do not” seems to be the key. When you PE, do it consistently and with appropriate increases in intensity over time. When the time comes to decondition, stop. You’ll have the urge to do a few jelqs or stretches, but the best deconditioning should come from complete rest.

I’ve just come off a short break, 2 weeks that I did no Pe other than stretching at urinal.

And after first day back noticed I am the largest (longest) I have ever been, so I believe I continued to grow over the short span. It may be caused by some sort of momentum or maybe the gain was coming regarless but I only care that it arrived.

What would you guys say is a good amount of time for deconditioning?
I know there’s no set time, it’s how much of a break you want to take, but would 1 month or so be sufficent for the tissues to become weak again?

Also, what about kegeling, in practice you wouldn’t do any PE at all, but kegeling doesn’t affect
the penis much, it’s the muscles. Should one keep up kegeling thru deconditioning?

Don’t take a break unless you have a plateau. Now if you have a plateau, your last gain has been some time ago and has already been cemented. Some take more, some take less, but for a good decondition take 2 months, give or take couple of weeks.

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