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Deconditioning breaks

Deconditioning breaks

How long should a deconditioning break be? I’ve only taken one 4 week break since I started PE and did not notice much of a change in how my unit reacts to the workout. Still, I dread taking a longer break, as I would feel like I was wasting my time.

For a little background, I’ve been PEing for a little under a year and have seen minimal gains. I admittedly have not measured as I never really got the impression that PE was working for me. My routine is as follows:

5 min wrap
20 min Jelq
10 min Stretches (Straight out in all directions; JAI stretches; A stretches (occasionally)


Same, but I sometimes alter the order of my exercises or introduce a new one. The idea is to keep my “little friend” guessing.

I’m still new to PE, but if you are jelqing Morning and night you might be over doing it. Especially if you aren’t taking days off either. I distinctly remember reading that without breaks PE will be very ineffective.

Come on, guys. I know at least one of you knows the ideal length of time for a decon break. Help me out here.

I doubt there is a set amount of time that is ideal for everyone, or that breaks will produce positive results for everyone at all stages of PE.

If you’ve been doing the routine you mentioned for a year, it’s time for something different. You’re past any easy newbie gains you’d get.

I suggest taking a few weeks off, then come back with a different approach. If you decide to hang, spend the time off learning how.

Recently came back from some serious burst blood vessels. I took about a week off and got back into it, and it seemed to help.

Originally Posted by Cranioclast
Recently came back from some serious burst blood vessels. I took about a week off and got back into it, and it seemed to help.

Just a week after a serious burst blood vessel? Thats a short period, IMO. The way I see it… After an injury the body works fast and redoing some of the damage. Maybe you start getting wood again in a weeks time. But seeing wood doesnt mean that you have healed fully. There could be many things going on inside the dick which we cant see. So, wouldn’t it be a wiser thing to give it more rest than just a week for burst blood vessel?

A-tren, I think 4 weeks off should help considerably as a decon break. Although, there is no evidence/research to indicate that 4 weeks is an optimum period. (errrrrrr. refer to the IPR protocol to get some research material) . Sometimes, more than your dick, your mind needs a break from PE.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

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