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Decided to add manual, please critique

Decided to add manual, please critique

I have just decided to add manual exercises. I am currently almost 2 months into the program with an extender, (andropenis) and have decided to do a lite version of the linear newbie routine. Today is my third day of manual. Here it is, tell me what you think.

Take shower, after finished showering (water still running) I use the hair conditioner as a lube. Jelq at 50% erection or less using the OK grip, thumb and finger meet underneath penis. 25 jelqs, 3 seconds each, then wash up. Water still running, do 5 10 second kegels, rest for 10 seconds between kegels, then do 50 1 second kegels. Get out of shower, put on extender and wear per manufacturers instructions.

I’m doing 2 days on 1 day off with the jelqing and kegels. Add 5 jelqs every third day of jelqing. Extender is on every day. I figure there’s no point in doing stretches if I’m wearing the extender, plus don’t want to overdo it. Oh yeah, I’m taking 450mg of saw palmeto per day. No other supplements. All comments welcome!

I’d use proper lubrication if I were you, hair conditioner is not a good choice.

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I would drop the Saw Palmetto I hear positive things about it but I am under the impression it works through increasing estrogen in you why do you use it? I think it is great that you added manual in to compliment your ADS, I personally would do manual work for length and girth and then use the ADS to compliment that routine. You can try shaving cream as lube I have always used cheap shaving cream and it works well for me if you find it would be better than the conditioner.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

The saw palmetto is simply for prostate health, not pe. I’m in my 40’s and don’t want prostate problems. What’s wrong with conditioner? It’s tresemm’e (I think I spelled it right). Maybe I’ll try the shaving cream.

Personally I would jelq after extender use. Ligaments are looser, it will help with girth. But most importantly jelqing will increase blood flow to the parts that really need it after hours of rack use. Especially helpful to your glans.

I don’t think anything is wrong with the conditioner as long as it doesn’t burn when it gets in your penis.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Originally Posted by UpTo7
I’d use proper lubrication if I were you, hair conditioner is not a good choice.

I’ve jelqed with hair conditioner for a long time. It works great! Just don’t mix it up with shampoo like I did one time, shampoo burns!! A good conditioner says ‘moisturising’ on it. Well it works great for me in most cases and doesn’t dry up. Just wash it off fully and use a normal soap afterwards. Also if you’re going to keep things that way, jelqing first do 5 minutes of stretching because your hands are far stronger than an extender. I think it loosens things up way more for the extender.

Good points,

Now I have to decide, before or after extender? Maybe I’ll compromise. Reduce the number of jelqs and jelq before and after. Best of both worlds?

Jelq after extender use. Use heat before you strap in to extender, to loosen things before your rack time. After you’ve been extended for a few hours you’ll need to get a good flow of blood back into you dick, especially to your glans (it’s a must if you’re using a a strap/noose type device).

Originally Posted by angrybunny
What’s wrong with conditioner? It’s tresemm’e (I think I spelled it right).

I used tresemme conditioner to begin with too. It’s great but I found it dried up really quick. I use sunflower oil at the moment.

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