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Dealing with this


Dealing with this

Hi guys

First I apologize for my poor english.

I’m 19 and it’s quite obvious my 5.1BPEL won’t grow anymore (don’t even know if she has.). It’s so under average that I can’t take a ruler to measure it NBP (can’t achieve an erect these day anyway.). My MEG is more decent 4,75 (rofl I’m sure I got smthg like 4.75x4.75).

Before telling me it’s all in my head etc.. It honestly take 5minutes of watching the sig and the stat of most of you guys to understand that you have no idea what daily humiliation come with a small penis. Most studies put me between the 2 and 5% smallest guys it makes me sick. Decent women became size queen in this case I’m afraid.. And anyway I’m going to see a therapist because my insecurity haunt me all the time and it’s not good for this stuff I can imagine..

Recently the pressure have been so heavy that I gave up my studies (seriously) with suicidal tendencies.

I’m doing a light 2/1off routine but I can already feel some bad PI : stress in the penis, decrease of EQ and frequency of erection (may be it’s the depression ofc), my raphe line become red and large..
For the good point : my flaccid turtle less

I’m PEing for a little more than 2 weeks. I’m confident in the fact that this stuff works (especially when I see this forum with no adds) and I hope with the help of this community I’ll be able to reach my goal. The one that the vast majority of people reach at the age of 16 without wasting 1H per day for years..

6BPEL realistic year goal ? 2 inches are often seen as epic and rare gain so I imagine you will tell me to forgot about 7bpelX5meg as an ultimate goal ? Need some opinions/advices. Should I consider hanging/extender after the 3 months (I have plenty of time for this.) ?

I hope that I won’t give up this journey. It might sound ridiculous but finding those PE forums probably saved my life. One of the crappiest life around imo.

Hi LFaverage,

Im sorry to hear you feel so depressed about your size. I am very glad you will be seeing a therapist and I strongly believe thats a great idea.

Take your time with it though, your only 19 so you have a lifetime of PE ahead of you. You only put that your doing a 2 day on 1 off routine. What exactly are you doing? Jelqing, stretching, ect.? How many set/reps?

You can defintely reach the untimate goal of 7X5 if you stick with it and progress slowly. I don’t know how long it will take though.

I can tell you that you are not alone, you have plenty of brothers on here to help you on your way. Stay confident and good luck!

Bpel: 7.625

Mseg: 5.125

FSL: 8.125

First of all, welcome to the forum. I’m glad you found this place and hopefully it’ll help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Secondly, It’s not nearly as hopeless as it may seem right now. Your starting stats aren’t really all that small-there’re guys here who started around where you are and achieved good results. Thirdly, I’m glad you’re seeing a therapist. Hopefully you’ll learn that there’s a lot more to you than the size of your penis. Good luck.

Maybe consider dialing down the intensity of your current routine. Pay attention to those PIs and realize that a lot of guys gain with a less-is-more approach.

Feel free to stay in touch and let us know how you’re doing. This is a caring and helpful forum and we want to see you succeed.

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Welcome. :)

One of the worst things you can do is think the sizes you see here on TP are representative if the real world. This is a group of guys obsessed with our penises and not just because we think or thought we were small.

Your goal sounds reasonable but you might need to change your attitude to make it reality. You are not “so under average” as you say, and while PE is not all in your head, you will never be able to gain enough physically until you get comfortable with your size mentally. That is something everyone has to struggle with to be truly happy with themselves, me included.

Good luck. You are in the right place. :)

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Your penis can grow something naturally; beside that, it is no true that only 5% of men or less have your size - actually you are about on the low end of average. I got from your post that you maybe are overweight, if that’s the case losing body fat can help a lot. It is not that unreasonabl hopinge to add 1” to your EL, although it will not happen overnight. As inspiration, read this thread if you haven’t yet

2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

No unfortunately I’m not overweight :( thanks for the support. I’ve already seen those pics very inspirational indeed. But what’s bother me so much is the rarity of those great gainers.

On the other hand, you should be happy that you are starting 1.35” longer than him,

“On the other hand, you should be happy that you are starting 1.35” longer than him,” (I don’t know how to make proper quote on this forum)

Yeah I guess.

My closest friends worried a lot about me these days and I was so bad after making this thread that I decided to explain what’s the matter with my best guy.

I dunno if it was a good idea after all. He was truly sad and trying to make me change my mind. But when I start the subject I’ve made the foolish mistake of asking him his size. 7 EL apparently. Really piss me off to be 100% sure I’m the shortest.

I absolutely need to find some confidence as soon as possible because this ain’t gonna work without.

I know that this stuff will provide better results if I stop smoking, do some cardio, bulk in the gym etc. But in my current state I can’t just find the will to do so. And I doubt I will be determined enough to stay focus on the long run.. If PE really is a marathon it means I have to remain in a good mood and optimistic and that will be the hardest part.


Warm up 10 minutes (rice sock)

Stretching 20 min (directional+helicopter)

I try 10minute Jelq but I’m doing it wrong (don’t worry I avoid 100% erect)

I should warm down also but that sock doesn’t stay hot enough.


Dude, you have to start somewhere. The guys on thunders are great and there are some really great threads on here that will help lift your spirits. Giving up or cutting down on the smoking will def help with your EQ and yes of course a bit of cardio is good, but take your time. As I have read in so many threads its a marathon not a sprint, be patient. Even just doing the newbie routine itself can help boost your moral (well it did for me) Put the tape measure down for a while and concentrate on the head stuff as well as the dick stuff and if your smoking any of the funny stuff STOP. Good luck

I’m thinking maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with the seeming enormity of your situation. Try to relax and realize that it’ll take a while to achieve your goals and you may have to break them down into manageable chunks. Keep practicing the jelqs and remember that it took some of us months (talking about me, here) to finally get a grip (lol) on doing them correctly. In the meantime, your therapist will, hopefully, be able to help you sort out your more complex feelings of self-image. I’m a firm believer in the good a qualified therapist can do . The one I went to helped me immeasurably.

Keep reminding yourself that your size is average and you’ve got the potential to be above average.

Stay in touch.

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Welcome to TP - you have found the right place! And you have the right attitude, although you may not believe me right now.

You are in a valley of bad feelings. Yes, that’s true. BUT, and this is key, you realized it and want to do something against it.

PE is a good way - but it will only change your dick size. Therapy is another way - it will change your emotions and bring you back to stability. I strongly support your statement, just do that too!

And soon you will hopefully pick up your studies again. You started them because you wanted to do so. So do it!


Some more technical remarks:

- warm-down: try keeping the rice sock in a closed tray. I do it and it remains hot enough for at least half and hour.

And a final word: you may say “Come on, this guy has no f***ing idea what I am talking about in terms of being small. Now that is true. Yes, I am naturally big, no way to deny it. But after half a year if quite intense TP reading, I am much more impressed by a guy starting on the lower end of average and gaining than by the gains of “naturally endowed” like myself. Why? Imagine you gain 1inch in length. For you, it’s 20%, for me it’s not even 12%. I think your gains will be much more impressive than mine.

It is a Penis ENLARGEMENT forum, not a “hey I’ve got a bigger one than you” forum. Over time you will realize this really is the spirit in here. And if somebody mocks about your size please protest - because it’s not the idea of TP!

So: welcome and may your dick grow as stable as your wishes!

Modified forum rule #69: Your avatar must show a JUICY ass, may it be female, male, mermaid, even sheep or horses are accepted. :-)

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook

Great to see how help-full this community is.

“Slow and steady win the race” and “less is more” seems ok to me. I’ll take a break to recover a bit then start the TP’s beginner routine with a progress log and achievable short-term goals.

Advices and success stories are still welcome here !


I’m pretty new to this too and had really bad self esteem regarding my penis before finding this place a couple of weeks ago. After reading numerous posts on this forum I realized that I actually might be able to change things and that insight alone made me feel like a whole new person with new hopes.

My advice to you is just to read, read and read and you will realize you are not the only person in the universe with these sorts of issues.

Start light and be consistent. You will likely eventually see gains and that is a huge boost for your motivation.

Also, on the stop smoking part. I REALLY recommend this book. Give it a try (it helped med quit smoking on the day I finished it)!…g/dp/0615482155

Happy PEing and stay in touch!

Hello LFaverage!

I feel I have so much to say to you and I really hope you will read this and take it in to your mind. What I will write is from my point of view, things that have worked for me. I don’t know how you are as a person so I just make some guesses from your post.
To summarize my post, you can RIGHT NOW stop being depressed and CHANGE your life and begin to LOVE it!

Watch this video now and after you have read my post:

Privacy info: Clicking on this image will enable content from

I understand that you are a depressed about your size, it’s natural, I have been there to. When I found PE as a 20 year old in 2007 I was 4,8 NBPEL and about 5,5 BPEL in length. I was insecure then and thought I could never satisfy a girl. For me my insecurities about girls was the core of my problems and depressed me very much. But in 2009 I found out about “game” and self-development. I don’t know if you know about that but for me it changed my life over ONE night, I have not been the same person since then. I understod that I could totally change myself to be more attractive, social and much more. You MUST check this things up, I can give you tips if you want. The mind is so TOTALLY amayzing, you can control it very much for example I guess you have many negative thoughts now, but think about this: you can stop thinking those thoughts and just think positive thoughts. This is a huge subject and feel free to ask me anything, I have gone from an insecure boy that never got laid to the total opposite and I fucking LOVE my life!

Of course you can go and see a therapist, I have no own experience in that. I guess I would have got that advice if I told anyone about how I feeled 4 years ago. But the core of my deppression was only the size of my penis and my inability to meet girls and when I sorted those things out I had no problems in the world anymore.

Let’s get down to your penis size. To begin with, you see the world how you feel, and your mind is now looking for evidence that you are so so so small, for exemple you said you watched peoples signatures here on thunder and felt everybody was so big, and you asked your friend and he was 7” and so on. This is of course not a real picture of the world, let’s take some look at REAL facts.
Look in this thread: Penis Size: The True Average
There you see that the true average is not that big as you might think or what media says or what you hear people talk about. Guys will always exaggerate their size and especially at the internet, don’t belive everything. But I will not lie to you, your length is under average, but be happy for your girth thats good especially because it’s harder to gain girth so it’s better to start with good girth and short length instead of the opposite!

But now you have found PE, and I can promise you, THIS SHIT WORKS! You will never be shorter, the only thing that can happen is that YOUR PENIS WILL GROW! Think about that for a second, you are about to get a bigger penis..! There is a guy that posted here long ago named Yguy, hes starting size was 4,5 BPEL x 3,5. That is small. He got up to 8 BPEL x 5,5: Edited version of my history.
Of course everybody can’t be that lucky in PE but that should motivate you.

Everybody have different luck in the gains department but in my opinion, if you are serious with your workout and follow instructions gaining 0,5-1 inch is something the majority can achieve. For somebody it take 3 months and for somebody it take 3 years. But with persistance and motivation it will work. So think about it, 3 months from now you might have a 5,5BPEL penis, or 5,2 or 6,1. THINK ABOUT THAT DUDE, let it motivate you be positive! Set up small goals that you can look forward to, having goals is VERY motivational for people. I promise you, when you see your first gains you will be extremely motivated and begin to love this thing called PE. And I also believe that gaining over 1 inch or more is something most people can achieve, but how long time it takes varies very much. I myself are in this for at least 5-10 years I guess.

With this things said, the size of your penis is not everything in this world (even if I from my own experience understand how much this affects your life) and you should really start to work on EVERY aspects of your life. Build a NEW life, be happy! I stopped smoking 2013 and I am really proud of myself, you should to the same thing when you read this. Take your pack of cigarettes and break it and never smoke again. Begin to work out in a gym and build some muscles, the gains comes fastest in the begining, just as in PE. Of course everybody is different and you might not be the kind of guy that wants to be muscular but I know many, and myself, feel very good thanks to this.
You should also as I stated above begin to look up “self-development” (I don’t know how you are as a person so I’m just guessing efter I read that you were depressed) Start to be more outgoing and social, meet new people, talk a lot, smile, talk to girls, have no fear, begin your new life today!

I saw that you were stretching 20min in your routine and that you began to have bad EQ, you might overtrain your unit. I am not the most experienced in PE but I say take it slow in the beginning, it’s easy to overtrain and do to much PE if you start small and really really want to gain. But if you do to much it will probably not be benificial, start really slow and watch your PI:s so they are good, in the beginning you can probably gain a lot from a very light routine. I warmly suggest you to follow the Newbie routine here on thunder Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine
Follow the instructions religiously and increase the intensity just as stated. Follow the newbie routine at least 2-3months and don’t change routine or add some tools until you have not gained fore some month.

I will summarize my thoughts for you in some steps that I think you should follow:

The core of your deppression is your penis size so let’s start with that.
Start a progress log here. Do the newbie routine and increase intensity slowly. Measure every 2-4 weeks. read a lot here on thunder and get good to do your stretching and jelqing. PROMISE yourself to be consistant with PE for a year from today.

Think positive, when you get a negative thougt, just try to shift your focus and think something positive instead. Everytime you think negative about your size understand that your penis only can change in one direction, it will be bigger! Think about how fantastic that you found this place while you’re still young and how much you can change! Everyday you wake up is a brand new day where you can enlarge your penis.

Start to excersice your body, go to a gym and build some muscles or if you like cardio more, do that. The important thing is to train your body and feel even more good and proud of yourself.

Be more outgoing and social. Talk more to people, ask more questions, be interested, smile more, give value and so on. Go out to parties, bars and nightclubs, talk to girls, evolve yourself!

Understand that what makes people happy or succesful in life is just their state of mind. I promise you there is guys with huge penises that are really depressed. Understand that you can have any life you choose, you can be anything you want in this world, it’s true! If I can change my life why shouldn’t you be able? I am no better then you, we are all equal. It’s just up to you to decide.

Understand that if you start doing these things life will reward you, you will automatical be more positive and start to like yourself more and more. The more you invest in yourself the better self-esteem you will get. Of course this is a process that will take different time for different persons but it can only be better and better for every day.

I hope some of this can help you, feel free to PM me if you want.

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