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Dealing with concerns

Dealing with concerns

I’m thinking of starting the newbie routine. The size gains described on this board are very impressive, and naturally I would like to see such gains myself, but I’ve got a few concerns which are holding me back. Specifically, I am wondering what is the likelihood of the following occurrences when performing the newbie routine:

A) skin stretching: during my first attempt at jelqing, I seemed to mainly be pulling the skin. Does the skin the skin eventually become loose over the erect shaft (on circumcised men). Is stretching or wet jelqing more likely to cause skin stretching?
B) a change in the erection angle: my erection angle is good right now. It would seem that stretching down, on the ligs, while lengthening the penis, may also lead to a lower erection angle. Is this generally the case?
C) permanent semi-permanent discoloration/bruising.

Thanks for any advice or comments.

A Grab tightly, this means grab tight enough to work on your inner penis but not so tight that it hurts.

B No.

C Some people experience that unfortunately. You can peel it off, do a search for more information.

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