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Days on and off

Days on and off

Right now I’m only doing 10 min or so of jelqing a day , at that rate it should be fine to go 5 or 6 with 1 off, don’t you think ?


If you keep it to 10 mins per day (low impact) you may well increase frequency up to 3/1-2/1 or 5/2 slowly and gradually over 4 to 8 weeks.

And then start to increase impact (longer jelqing, maybe some stretching too) until you find your point of maximum growth effect for your dick.

I personally think separating intensity and frequency increase a good idea because you can better monitor your PI’s.

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I would had 10-15 mins stretching and use heat. Pay real close attention to your PI, they are the ones who tell you if you doing it right.


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