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Days Off???

Days Off???

I have been PEing for 7 weeks now. I have not taken one day off. I did not want to. My routine is jelqing in the shower in in the morning with 10 ULIs and also jelqing in the eveing bath with 10 ULIs and some stretches. I have gained some girth over the last month but no length.

My question is……..

How improtant is it to take days off. I have read that many of you do 5 0n and 2 off. Is this mostly for the body or for your mind to keep you from burn out? I don’t really feel the need to take days off. I love to PE and don’t feel burn out at all. However, IF the days off are more for your body, then I can see taking them off. I have read that we heal during sleep and I get plenty of that so……………

Also, when you take 2 days off, do you thake them back to back or a few days apart???

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


If I don’t take days off, I will hit a brick wall where my body will not respond to jelqing or stretching. I read some posts by some experienced guys about the importance of rest/down/recovery days.

Now I base my days off by how my body responds to the exercises. For me, when I don’t respond properly to the jelqs or stretches, I take a day off. If I still don’t respond properly to the exercises the next day, I take another day off.

Good luck and good gains!

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I started out as you did. I had no rest days at all for the first few weeks. Later I added them mainly to mentally cope with the boring jelqing. Sometimes I have also felt the need because of stiffness and soreness in my penis. Nowadays, I use week-ends as rest days because I have more problems doing PE when my family is at home.
I am, however, not sure I really need that much rest that often.


I think the rest can be as important as the routine, for maximum growth.

Right now, I am going 2 on 1 off and on every other off day I do stretches. So for stretching it’s really like 5 on/1 off and for jelqing it’s 2 on/1 off. I think you should take some off days. Eventually it will get fatigue and eventually not appear as big as it possibly is.

I don’t take days off, however I do do more some days than others.

I find I decondition at night and during the day at work.

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