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Dayquil for stamina

Dayquil for stamina

Long ago when me and my current girlfriend were sexually active,(not any more for religious reasons) on average I could go for a decent time during sex. On one occasion though, I took some day quil during the day, and I could go for ever it seemed. I haven’t tried it again, for obvious reasons.but has anyone else had experience with dayquil?

Pseudoephedrine-hydrochloride, the active ingredient in many cough and cold medications, including dayquill, does effect your bloodflow. I find for me it makes it harder to get an erection, or makes it less hard. But I tend to take quite a bit on account of the fact that I’m 230lbs. Plus I’m taking it because my nose is running, not because I want to last forever, which it seems I can do anyways…

That stuff’s great for getting a buzz on and keeping you awake though. It’s like ecstacy’s cousin.

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In addition to what shaggy says about pseudoephedrine, dyphenhydramine has some SSRI properties at high doses. Does dayquil contain this? If not, it contains some antihystimine which probably has similar properties to dyphenhydramine (benadryl).

Also, the pain reliever (acetaminophen?) can also dull sensation. All combined, I am not surprised you notice some effect. I might have to try it.

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