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Hello out there,

Brand new to PE and feeling pretty confident about my chances. In the past I’ve had experiences where for whatever reason, I have just been bigger than usual, now it’s time to make that permanent. Can anybody tell me if there are excersises other than the jelq and the derivatives of? Some of the pay sites out there claim up to 19 excersises, with quick gains. Obviously not entirely true according to accounts here. Anyway g’day again and all info is appreciated.

You will find all the information you need here. Save your money and browse (and post) at Thunder’s Place. Later

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The Bowflex has 4,978 health club quality exercises… as long as you count every tiny variation as a seperate exercise. (no disrespect to bowflex fans). Lots of us started at pay sites, and ended up here for a reason. Thunder’s is free, has the best, most experienced members, the best overall track reckord, the mosr info, the most accurate info, etc.

Invest the time in crawling through all the archived posts and using the search function… a lot.

Oh yeah, a very small percent of guys get FAST gains. The free sits will BS you and imply that every one does. Thunder will be up front and honest, he isn’t trying to seperate you from your $$$.

Welcome and good luck :)

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