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Day to day look and feel variations

Day to day look and feel variations

Hi, first post.

Something I’ve been focusing on lately, and it’s been driving me crazy. Need some advice from you guys.

I’ve been doing an everyday log of what exercises I do, how many, rest days, getting plenty sleep, taking zinc, etc, And it’s amazing how different the next day’s “results” are.

I’m speaking mainly about night and wake-up wood, how the flaccid or semi-hang looks during the day, how many semi-erections I get in my pants, and that sort of thing.

Some days it looks and feels great and I get excited, like I’m on the right path, and some days it looks like a limp biscuit and can’t barely get a semi during the day.

I know this sounds like over-working but this weak response also happens after multiple rest days. Has anyone had success correlating the next day’s look and feel?


Honestly I think you’re obsessing over this. Your erection quality, size, feel, everything can be affected by your mental state also, wether anxiety or disappointment. Which both of these seem to be what one would feel when tracking every single days size, feel, look, etc of his penis. It’s good that you keep track of how many rest days you take and what you do during exercises and such but obsessing will not help anything and will definitely defer you from gaining.

My advice would be quit being so anxious and obsessive, keep records of your routine and how YOU feel. Not how your unit feels. Your unit will be directly affected by how you feel and if you’re leading yourself to become and anxious and such, then the problems with your unit because of your mind will only lead to disappointment and discouragement

Sorry actually you should take notes on how your unit feels, and how it’s responding. But just don’t obssess. Trust me.

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