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Day off - totally?

Day off - totally?

I’ve PEd for a month now and like to know if its k to do some short and easy exercises during rest days? ie. that wont harm recovery of your weenie. Could i do some easy manual stretches or something.. I know, I’m pretty anxious to gain something… :)


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Rest days

For all the experience and material we now have on PE, there is still a great lack of exact knowledge. There has been no scientific experiments, nor anything resembling a medical viewpoint. Guys get gains doing different things; there is still so much to learn. One thing is fairly evident…rest days are necessary. How many?

5 days on then 2 off? 1 on 1 off? 1 week on 2 off? Everyone has their opinion and when something works for them they claim this is the solution, but then it doesn’t work for others. Go figure.

As to complete rest……that is my opinion. A rest day is for complete rest. And I feel more than one day is necessary. However, I do do the odd squeeze or stretch a few times throughout the day for a couple of reasons.

One, to keep the blood flowing. Two, as I don’t do stretching etc exercises as such, I am not repeating what I do on work days.

I advocate complete rest (ie. no workout, and less masturbation)and after the second or third day the little fellow does seem healthier, fuller.


Hey Guiri,

You said: “I do do the odd squeeze..”

Is this some kind of a new squeeze that I am not aware of?

ù ì å í



Your English is very good so I don’t know if this was a serious question or not :wave: but I’ll answer it anyway.

It is the same to say “I do the occasional squeeze”, or in other words 3-4 times throughout the day I do a couple of kegels and squeeze once or twice to get blood into the top part of the shaft (near head).


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