Data Collection: Question for Clampers

Hi Guys,

This is a very simple question for those that have clamped and measured. If you can simply post how much your clamped vs un-clamped MEG (during or near a 100% erection) and the toughness of your tunica (simply, “tough” or “soft”) will do for now:

As an example of what I am looking for (no particular format, but this is how I would go answering this question)

MEG non-clamped 4.5”.
MEG clamped 4.75”.
Tunica tough.

Goal:To collect data about clamped vs. Non-clamped MEG girth while at or near a 100% erection.

Considerations: I want to answer these questions:

1. What is the general distribution of the difference in the two girth measurements (MEG clamped - MEG non-clamped).
2. Is there a correlation between this difference and one’s MEG in general (MEG non clamped vs (MEG clamped - MEG non-clamped)).
3. Is there a correlation between this difference and the toughness of one’s tunica? (Tunica toughness vs. MEG clamped - MEG non-clamped)

If people have other ideas related to this, feel free to let me know.


PS: This probably is not the right sub-forum for said post. But given my permissions so far, this is the best I can do.