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Dark unidentifiable spots on penis

Dark unidentifiable spots on penis

I’ve got some markings on my penis and I can’t determine what they are. I’m beginning to worry they may be an injury that requires some rest but I’m not sure. I’ve been jelqing/stretching for about a year, but only consistently for the last four months or so, and am finally putting on noticeable gains, especially in girth.

One of these marks is on the top of my penis, about mid-shaft, and the others are on the back closer to the base. They are dark, much darker than the surrounding skin, and have a brown-purplish hue. The smallest one is only mm or two, and the longest is about 4 or 5 mm long. They aren’t quite circular and are longer vertically than horizontally. I thought they might be stretch marks but I don’t think stretch marks appear as very dark markings? The oldest one has been there perhaps as much as six months without much change, and they never bothered me until a newer, bigger, much darker one appeared and I’d like to figure out how to minimize this.

A photo in the inury/member pics forum might help to indentify it. What you seem to be describing is bruising from over-exercising. It’s harmless but it doesn’t really go away. Try not to be too intense. It’s not a huge deal for me but it would be nice if they went away.

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