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Damn... too much info. at once.. can i get some help?

Damn... too much info. at once.. can i get some help?

All right. Somebody gave me a link to this page from a PE site. This forum looks SICK. However I’m totally lost. I’m gettin’ pysched readin’ some of these posts, hearing about some crazy gains, but at the same time I’m gettin’ overloaded with too much information. Here’s a snapshot of my story. Last year did a PE program for 2 months gained about 1/2 inch. I’m back for more. I just started up and have been doing mostly Jelqing exercises.

Hear are some of my questions:

Where can I learn how to do all these crazy exercises like DLD blasters, Horse440, and what the hell is ligs? (ligament) Important Newbie Threads/Info* Should I be searchin’ the forum’s for tutorials? does anybody have some good links? Is variety the key here b/c I only know of 5 good exercises. I’ve seen the beginner routine and I’m way past that.
Mainly I’d be fine if I found these out for myself, but what I really want to know is PE exercises and masturbation. If i’m doing my PE exercises once a day 30-45 minutes, 5-6 days a week, WHEN SHOULD I BE MASTURBATING? will it affect my gains? Cause I don’t want to be wastin’ 30-45 minutes a day if i’m screwing it all up by masturbating afterwards or the next day er somethin’. What should I be doing to get maximum gains?

thanks in advance


And if you haven’t been doing any PE exercises for a year, then the Newbie Routine IS for you. Don’t worry about the masturbation hurting your gains, getting carried away too soon is more likely to hinder gains.

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I agree.

Take it easy for now by doing the Newbie Routine, and just keep on reading. In the tutorials section, there are videos of different exercises that can help you out.

thanx, but I’ve been doin’ the routine I ended with a year ago for the last three days and everything is fine. I’m really glad to be back on it. But I just want to find out some of these new exercises that I’m hearing for the first time. Thanks Thunder

Yes, there are a lot of exercises that have come down the pipe in the last six months or so. Really, they are just variations on a theme, variations being something we are finding are very important to sustained growth and plateau-busting.

Take your time, zero in on a new exercise, understand it, see if it works. In the meantime, keep up with all comments on any given exercise you are learning about (DLD Blasters, for instance). That way you don’t get behind.



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