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DAMN or maybe hallelujah, nah who am I kidding

DAMN or maybe hallelujah, nah who am I kidding


I don’t know what’s going on now the last I measured was a year ago my stats were 4.0” mid girth 4.25 base girth and 6.75”length and 7.25 Bone pressed

And I am sure that was the case. I’m sure because I was so gutted about it and broke into a cold sweat when I looked up the average girth.

I have been jelqing on and off now (more on that off) for about 2 weeks. Whilst also having jelqed now and again throughout the space of the year, but nothing really significant. I have decided to give it a serious go.

I didn’t want to measure in case I realised I may have measured it wrong last year and find out the horror of being smaller than I thought, just the whole measuring experience I didn’t want to do .

Now you guys are saying get exact measurements..etc which is a good point and all but my mid shaft now measures 4.25 and so does just under the head. I just measured it twice to make sure, but this is a quarter increase to what I thought.

Can this be possible? with the seldom jelqs I have done and consistent jelqs over the last 2 weeks, I don’t think so I must have measured wrong last year.

Anyway the moral of the story I guess is that your right, get exact measurements in the first place.

Or maybe it is possible?

It is a variable thing to some extent. Growth is possible even with a simple routine. Only over the long term with consistent measuring can you really be sure theres real growth. Keep up the good work :)

I get half an inch difference in girth just by tensing or not, ie blood pressure and an inch length difference from the same…


!No diseque sus testículos!

Sure, it’s possible. Some guys gain in the beginning from a very minimal routine. I did.

Be sure to take a couple days off before measuring to allow any fluid accumulation to dissipate.

Congratulations. Next thing you know you’ll be addicted to this stuff. :)

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