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Damn man.

Damn man.

Damn man how long must you do these exercises and when do you get results. Heck I got kids and I work when do you find the time?

If you really are pressed for time and have to go stealth mode due kids, wife etc. then do them when you are in the shower. As for the amount of time before you see results then i would tell you everyone is different. Most people, I think, will see at least an improvement in EQ within 4-6 weeks. At that point many will also have gained something but all bodies are different. It is like asking how long do I have to do bench presses before my chest is bigger. Everyone gains at a different rate and everyone may need to vary their routine to gain the best. Good luck.

For good EQ results, it will take months, and years for significant size gains. If you want to ruin your unit, well that you can do pretty damn quickly. Start with the newbie routine, it’s recommended for good reasons. If you really want a bigger dick, you’ll find the time. If not, well count yourself lucky you have better priorities than many of us addicts :)

Current: Flaccid 4x4 NBPEL 6.5 BPEL 7.5 EG 5-5.25

Goal: Flaccid 6x5 NBPEL 8 BPEL 8.5 EG 6

I wake up one hour earlier every morning to get my first workout done. Then when I shower in the evening and continue with my second work out. It’s been great so far.

Gains within 4-6 weeks? Nope. Try 4-6 months. :)


Originally Posted by rebelx

when do you find the time?

Hey man, I feel you on that. Check it out: you find time to do things you’re serious about, passionate about, hobbies and whatnot. Jiu-jitsu is a great hobby that I love and I find time for it. More important to me than most other things is my dick being nice and big. That’s why I put a good amount of time, energy, effort into the whole thing. Just like with anything in life, you’ll gain confidence when you start noticing results. It’s definitely worth it, but surely not everyone’s cut out for the work involved. The good thing is you can kind of come up with your own special PE regimen that fits your life. There are many methods that are worth looking into. You’ll find the time, if you care to. This place is an awesome resource and if you dig around a little you will see. :)


Morning shower and evening shower is how I find time to PE.

Originally Posted by nrvous1
Morning shower and evening shower is how I find time to PE.


I workout at the gym every other day. I Hit the gym by 10pm, out by 11ish. Hop in the shower do my routine and then bed by 12am.

Start (Jan 2011): FL=8.75cm(3.44") BPEL=18.35cm (7.22") EG=11.6cm(4.56")

Current: FL=10.50cm(3.94") BPEL=19.55cm (7.69") EG=13.25cm(5.21")

Goal: BPEL=19.1cm (7.5") EG=14.0cm(5.5") and reduce my fat pad!

If you want it bad enough you will find the time bro.


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