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Daily OR Alternate days

Daily OR Alternate days

To the more experienced PE’rs, have you made more gains with a ‘day on day off’ approach to PE or by PE’ing everyday?

There are those on this forum who advocate PE’ing moderately everday and those who say PE slightly tense on alternate days.

I would be interested to hear from those who have tried both regimes for their observations and results.

Thanks guys.

I am going to just take the weekends off, and having a hour of streching every day for a week before a hour of jelquing everyday for a week before alternating back to streching the next week, it is my hope that if I do this, my body will not adapt to the streches or jelques due to me having a week off and because of this, I should in theory make steady continuous gains, bcause I am not doing both in one rutine, I do not expect to make massive gainsat the beggining, I would be happy with 0.6 by 0.5 inches gained by july.

I’m new here so can’t speak from experience. I’m finding that with a daily routine I am beginning to feel over exercised - not acutely sore - when I wake up. I’m staying with the daily for the moment. I would guess we just need to individually experiment. Best advice woukld be to respond to what your dick is saying(!) I.e. If beginning to feel over-exercised - then a rest day is perhaps called for to allow for recovery (and growth?) and obviously if sore then you are overdoing it and need to cut back. See how it goes.


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If my penis still aches or feels sore the day after my exercise, I will not do another exercise until it does not ache or feel sore.

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January 2007 Goal - 10 inches long and 7 inches in girth

I would say Daily. 2 ON/1 OFF to start.

There’s no hard-and-fast rules. It’s really an individual thing. You have to see how your unit reacts. I pretty much do a 2/1. I have tried 3/1, but I was getting too sore. Just as long as you’re consistent with it, you’ll be fine.

I find 5 days on and then the weekend to rest is good for me, but then I’m only really doing 30 mins a day.over an hour or more and I’m with the guys that recommend 2 days on and 1 day off.

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For me, daily - no days off whatsoever, is what works for me. I have built up to this, but I don’t take any days off anymore.

In the beginning, I was doing my routines 5 days a week when I first started, but then I realized that if this wasn’t something that became part of my DAILY life, I would never get up to 10 inches BPEL. Still not there, but my girth is almost at my goal. Still got 2 1/4 inches before I hit 10.

My routine:
2 hours hanging
2300 jelqs day (2 to 2 1/2 hours)

I think that as a newbie you should do everything slowly and WORK your way up. The best advice I can give you is that if you are serious about this PE thing that it is going to take a lot of commitment from you, in other words, alot of time and work. But you must balance that commitment with SAFETY.

Do not OVERDUE anything, let your body get used to these exercises BEFORE you increase them in anyway. If you take the attitude that you are going to get there in due time, you will. If you think that you will get there next week, you will be highly disappointed.

But, that’s just my advice.

I’m doing something 24-7. I do aggressive PE five days a week (Hang, pump clamp X-Ulis, with edging and ballooning) and passive PE on the weekends.(Jelqing, stretching etc.) Always an ADS between routines: lead weights by day traction wrap by night. Mrz G says the only time my dick is not in my hands or in some sort of contraption is when it is in her, which is at least once daily. It has taken me over two years of conditioning to build up to this abuse, I don’t recommend it for newcomers. 5 on 2 off is a good newbie routine.

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I’m doing it two days on, one day off, and it seems to work well for me.

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-- Break: May 2005 - February 2006 --

March 2006: BPEL 20.3 cm (~8.0 in) / EG 14.5 cm (~5.7 in)

My routine is six days per week with Sunday as my only totally off day. I do five all-out full routine days, with the six day being light. By light, I mean that I eliminate one of my two daily sessions. One thing that I have found is that if my meat stick feels ok, then I’ll workout.

I wear an ADS 6 days a week. I also tried girth exercises every day but when I do I get ED. Once I cut back to every other day, I am fine.

So thats what I do.

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

It has been discussed here that stretching can be done everyday but that girth work be done 1on/1off. But like the other guys say, for you 2on/1off should be good for now.

Thanks for all the comments posted.

I’m nearly on my 3rd month of PE’ing and I started off doing light PE 3 days on 2 days off. In my second month I started doing alternate days but each routine is now more intense than the first month.

So far I have experienced excellent gains, I have gained almost half an inch in length and about a quarter inch in girth, all in about 2 months. My erections are much much firmer and apart from the physical benefits of PE I am also enjoying the psychological boost it has given me, I.e. More confidence.

Yes, absolutely, as you all say, learn to listen to your ‘tool’. If I feel sore or I cannot get an erection the following day, I take that day off for my routines.

I have switched to doing intense PE on alternate days incorporating pumping into my routine. But I stretch daily. I’m going to see how this results for one month.

Please somebody send us some sunshine here.

All the best guys.
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