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Cyclic gains?

Cyclic gains?

Does anyone have any idea why gains seem to go in cycles? Mine seem to anyway.

I got my first gains from ADS and after a while I stopped gaining from that and I was at a bit of a loss for a while - probably a few months. Then I started doing manual stretches and gained for a bit again and then stopped again.

I don’t really know what to do next now. Should I just do light maintaining or should I try a different method? Problem is that I get psoriasis on my penis which develops into an injury so I am somewhat limited to what I try. Currently I am just doing light stretching to try an maintain and concentrating on clamping for girth. I would like to get more length though if I can.

I wonder if I can only gain so much at a time before having to wait out a period until I can gain again. I’d like to know if anyone else notices similar? Hope I explained it well enough!

Yes you explained well. :) Gains seem to be cyclic. A reason is that our body has limited adaptations abilities - it’s a general phenomena, you can see it in PE, in weigthlifting etc. etc.. In the specifica case of PE, thoughening of tissues is believed to be the primary cause of stalling gains. This thoughening is directly related to intensity: the more un-necessary intensity is imposed to your penis, the more it becomes harder to gain.

Decon-breaks and variety of techniques are the strategies to overcome plateaus; but sometimes happens that the same thing gives gains ‘randomly’. It’s hard to say why, because too many variables are involved. I suspect the emotional side has a big part in gains - often a guy who has faith that his routine will give gains has gains, where people always asking around : “Hey, are you sure this stuff works? I’m going to be very committed.” don’t get gains, despite consistency.

In regard of psoriasi, there are local creme that works very well, I have a brother with this problem. If you like to know what worked for him, I’ll ask.

Thanks for the great explanation marinera. Makes sense to me. So when gains stop; increasing intensity to try to keep them going may be the worst thing to do?

So my focusing on girth for a while is not a bad idea then?

Thanks for the offer of asking your brother. I am OK though - I just have to be careful using topical steroids as having been a sufferer for many years I have used way too much steroid cream on my skin. I try now to keep the injuries as light as I can so that I don’t have to use topical everyday.

I’ll stick with the girth work for another two months and then have another go with the ADS I think. See what that does.

Thanks again.

Originally Posted by 1 Reggib

Thanks for the great explanation marinera. Makes sense to me. So when gains stop; increasing intensity to try to keep them going may be the worst thing to do?


I think many vets would agree on this rough rule: intensity has to increase in the minimal amount required to keep gains coming (I know, easier said than done :) ). If your gains are stalling, you can try raising intensity slightly, but if after 1-2 months gains are still stalling, than keeping raising intensity is just going to make gains harder to achieve.

Originally Posted by 1 Reggib


So my focusing on girth for a while is not a bad idea then?


Basing on what above said, my personal opinion is that it is a good strategy: after the newbie-intermediate stage, focusing on length for some months, than on girth for next few months and so on, could help to avoid plateaus; it also helps keeping PE work less boring. I think something should never miss in your PE routine, being it girth or length oriented, is some kind of jelqs, because jelqs have a synergistic effect.

Hope it helps.

Yes, that helps, thanks gain.

One last question:

Do the same rules apply for girth as length training?

About intensity and varying, do you mean? Yes, IMHO. In examples, if you are interested in girth-focused techniques, it would be a good idea trying pumping before going with clamping. If pumping doesn’t work, then go clamping.

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