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Curves and Girth


Mine is similar, a bit more pronounced.

Are there only 3 guys here at Thunder’s with upward curves? :)

Shared experience is the purpose of this thread.

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Originally Posted by iDare

Mine is similar, a bit more pronounced.

Mine was, too, when I was! At my age, I’m just prety pleased that I’m still gettin’ any! :D

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off topic: There’s a saying… Stop getting sex, start giving pleasure. :) How old are you, man? There is an e-book I’ve read that has something about bringing back the passion in a relationship.

You’ve lost EQ or what happened to your curve?

The comment about getting any was a reference to the fact that a lot of men my age (52) aren’t getting any because of “performance” issues like ED. I’m deleriously happy with my sex life. My wife and I are like a couple of 20 somethings most of the time, and we certainly focus on pleasure. One of the advantages of being more “mature”! We probably average 5-6 times a week. That being said, a 50 something’s EQ is probably unlikely to be equal to a healthy 20 something. I’m pretty proud of what I’ve got, it just used to be even better!

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I’m glad to hear that, man! Good to see happy people around. I suppose PE helped you a lot with ED issues. Although I am a teenager I find kegels and wet jelqs very good for EQ.

Back to the curve related stuff. :)


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