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This is my first post as you can see and I hope it could be the beginning of a journey with you all .
I registered to this forum mainly seeking a correction to my penis, it’s a bit curved upwards and on a lesser degree twisted to the left.
I have been visited by some urologist and they didn’t feel the degree of curvature could be a problem during sexual intercourse and in fact it isn’t,but it still gives me some psychological worries.
So my first answer to you all guys is that one : any of you corrected his penis curvature , and if you achieved the correction which exercises have you done to do so? .

Thank you for the time spent reading my post and sorry for the English it ain’t my Language but I’m trying my best .

Welcome to Thunders, Happ!

Just wanted to give you a warm welcome and with all new members we recommend the “Newbie Routine” to start. As for your issue, I can’t say I have an answer, because I don’t have the issue. But, if you do an advanced search, you’ll find a lot of members past and present that have asked this question and the answers they have gotten. There is so much here.

This place is great and you’ll enjoy yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Someone will always steer you in the right direction.

Take care and good luck.

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Glad to be here.and making progress! :jelq: Check it out at: This is your life: My cock in pictures.

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The reason why you have an upward curve is that your septum (it feels like a tough cord that runs along the top of your penis) is a little shorter than your corpus cavernosa. The septum is pretty difficult to stretch, but it can be done.

Many guys like a slight upward curve to their penis. It makes it easier to hit the g-spot.

Live long and prosper.

I have an upward curve too, but it almost feels like it’s because the front middle part of my penis is damaged somehow. Sometimes when I get a partial erection, the whole middle of my penis will be really narrow, and look like an hourglass, it’s super weird. It also feels kind of tender or something in that same area if I rub it, but it’s not painful, just feels odd sometimes.

My dick curves to the left. I read that hanging and stretching is good for fixing a curve. I’m only in the first few months of my PE career, but I can already see a slight difference. My dick looks a bit straighter, due to stretching and hanging. Your situation is different from mine, but it might help. Of course you should start with the newbie routine and work your way up to other methods.

Thanks for the replies guys.

The curve I have anyway is caused by penile trauma and looks like bloody_angel1 described.

I got it during sexual intercourse the penis was not completely hard and my partner was on top of me.

I think the curvature is caused by the scar tissue which is less elastic than the undamaged tissue.

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