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Curved Thingy

Curved Thingy

Hello Fellas,

I’m in my late twenties, I’ve got me a curved thingy, actually bent to the left. I really don’t like that. Please people is there anything I could do to correct this. My consciousness about the curve grows by the day and I think it’s been affecting my self confidence all the while as I have not really had real sex with anyone because I’m ashamed to let any lady see my curve. SOS please!

Hello unmaskedman. I’ve been looking around for curve fixing as I too and many others in that case have a curve. Mine is a very small curve, but so far, what I have read is there hasn’t been a proven way to fix a curve. There is equal argument on both sides of yes and no. Some say that jelqing a little angle to the opposite side of the curve helps and some say nothing has helped yet. But I’ve been trying this in my routine now to see if I can straighten it out. Worth a try :)

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Jelq against the curve. Most gals like a bit of a curve, honest.

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Most gals like a curve in which direction? Does it matter?

Currently: 5.8 EL BPEL:6.9 EG: 4.5 Goal for now: 6.5 EL 5 EG

I giggled at “thingy”, twice.

There are many guys on here wanting the same thing as you, to straighten their units. But yes, most girls actually prefer a curve. No matter what direction your curve is, you will always be able to use it to your advantage with certain positions. Also, it’s very uncommon to have a straight unit, so don’t be shy in any way about it- could be a blessing in disguise;) .

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It’s also really weird how I can’t see my curve like from my point of view but my girlfriend says it curves a little.

Currently: 5.8 EL BPEL:6.9 EG: 4.5 Goal for now: 6.5 EL 5 EG

Wow fellas! RELIEF, RELIEF, RELIEF!. Guess I’ve just been killing myself in silence all the while. Good to have a forum like this where I could share such things. I’m very happy at all your response. Never knew most girls love curves. My confidence level has really soared especially with the response of Man-of-10: “could be a blessing in disguise”. Thank you all guys. I’m gonna try the jelqing thing too!

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