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Curved Penis Question

Curved Penis Question

hey guys I was wondering if a person has a curve to the left from like a middle of the shaft (it is not a Peyronies) should I jelq with LEFT or RIGHT hand to putt more pressure on the LEFT shorter chamber? I think LEFT hand because when You grab your penis with left hand your hand it automatically tries to have a straight penis in the hand. I know that in order to fix a curve you need to JELQ and slightly bend penis to the other side of the Curve BUT if I jelq with the wrong hand it will still not help me. Any ideas?

Part of the answer to this already asked question was given in this thread.

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Please learn to use the search feature. I found these easily by searching for “jelq AND curve.”

My willy curves so much to the left it is unbeleivable and worrys me when I go to take a pee and miss the toilet and pee on the wall..

I wish I was joking

I have a decent curve to the left, you might not want to remove it completely. Maybe it’s just me but every girl I’ve been with has really enjoyed the curvature of it because from behind or from the side, I can rub perfectly on the g-spot. It does however depend on how much it curves, my second pic in the members pic’s section shows how much mine does.

Gyes I got downward curves anyidea how I can fix it ? I really want a straight penis ? It’s like a dream for me

I think that for jelqing to really be effective, you need to use both hands, to keep constant pressure on your dick.

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