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Curved at the top

Curved at the top


I’m a newbie here to this site and this whole topic in general. I never thought I would find myself here, but seems like a cool place. This is also the only forum I have ever looked at so I am not too familiar with any functions on here so excuse me if this has been discussed plenty of times.

I have a curved dick. It curves downwards, but I wouldn’t exactly say it’s curved like it bends to a certain direction in the middle. It is pretty straight throughout, but it almost appears as the head is pointed downwards. So the whole shaft is straight, but he head is almost “bent” downwards. Is this normal? Does anyone else have this? And is this bad.

Also, I wouldn’t say I am all that large but it seems like I don’t have all this extra skin to play with and I can’t just squeeze it and pull it in all these directions like I have seen some of you do. What would be a good starting exercise for me? And yes, you can treat me like a child when explaining, cause I was looking around seeing all these weird terms and abbreviations. Hehehe.

Thanks in advance guys.

I’ve also got this, not sure what to do about it tho.

I think I’m going to concentrate on getting a bigger dick and then try and fix that. If it can actually be fixed.

Good luck

I’ve seen penises with the glans oriented in a manner as to be hanging from the tip of the shaft in pictures. I wouldn’t worry much about it, and you might even consider it a plus in some situations. It seems like it might be a good g-spot stimulator during doggie style.

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Hey hung21,

We will do our best to treat you like a child. Just kidding!!! Thunder’s is here to help, not hinder. The best place to start is the Newbie Thread linked in my signature. Read all the links in that thread. The best exercise to start with is the Newbie Routine (linked in the newbie thread). Amazingly you don’t need a whole lot of extra skin to do these exercises (well, some you may, like dry jelqing). If you need help with terms and abbreviations check out the PE FAQ and Glossary. It may help you out a lot. There is a lot of info to digest here so just start reading and keep reading until your eyes go fuzzy. The search button at the top right is a huge help if you need to research different topics. If you can’t find an answer to a question feel free to ask. We will do our best to answer.

The two most important things to do right now are to read the Newbie Thread and start the Newbie Routine. Then take things from there. You’ll catch on quick. It just takes time to learn. Hope this helps. Good luck to you, and we hope to hear from you from time to time.


Good luck with your gains!

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