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I have a curve to the left in my cock which has gotten less severe recently but, when I stretch it kinda feels like there’s a tendon in the left side of in my shaft that’s absorbing all the stretch. It just feels different from the right side, I don’t know if that’s normal or not. I assume that’s why I have the curve and continued stretches and jelqing would loosen whatever it is in there. Is this normal I’m just wondering if anyone knows if what I’m trying to explain is normal?

If it’s an actual bend within the penis, you can only fix that with jelqing. If the penis just points either to the right or the left and its bend has nothing to do with being ever so slightly banana shaped, you can fix that with stretches.

Your intuition is correct in that you will need to stretch more on the side where you feel the most stretch if you want to correct this curve. After a while, as the ligs expand, the stretch will feel less intense, and eventually you’ll probably reach a point where it’s equal on either side and your penis is basically straight.

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