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curve in penis

curve in penis

I have a curve question. Are curves something you have from birth or do they develop gradually? I’ve always had a straight one, but over the past year I guess, I’ve noticed a slight bend in the side of my shaft towards my right side. And is this something that could become more pronounced over time? Anyone have any information?

I have a curiosity. Do you keep your tool pointing in your underwear in the same direction your tool curves?

Urologists say it can have many causes, the main one being congenital… others including myself say it’s kind of a mistery, although I say it’s logical the assumption that a penis kept pointing upwards in your underwear, due to erections will develop a curve. It’s still a matter of debate. Many guys have curves.

I wouldn’t say that I intentionally place it in that direction, but yeah it does end up towards the right side and that’s the direction its curving to. I wouldn’t think straining against underwear would be enough to bend it, but I can’t honestly say I’ve done a lot research on it.

I will put it like this curves are a good thing, there better than the straight and narrow penis.

There more interesting to look at.

Women love the curvature inside.

And Your penis more than likely does not have the same exact curve like any body else so your unique.

I’m a proud owner of a trouser snake that curves to the left. :) )

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