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Curve getting worse. What am I doing wrong?

Curve getting worse. What am I doing wrong?

This is what I have always understood for fixing a lean/curve: Stretch with the curve, everything else against it. I have been jelqing against the curve 10 of every 30 strokes for 10 minutes. However, I have just been noticing that my piss is traveling even farther to the left as it comes out the urethra and there is a more significant lean to the left, as if the right nut smells bad and he’s trying to get some fresh air on the left.

Please help me out. Right now, I have been 10 minutes jelqing, 5 minute v stretches and 5 minute two-way stretches.

If it keeps getting worst I would suggest you go see a urologist.

Maybe you should jelq more against the bend instead of just 10 out of the 30. Try doing all against the curve and see how it goes.

Sounds like you have an UTI urinary track infection. Is it painfull to urinate? If you can do a pick of your curve.Then viewers can determine if it is necesary to do anything about it. Everyone has a bit of a curve. Just keep stretching it. And beings it does curve to the left place it to the right side of the crotch line of your trousers.

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