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Curve decrease

Curve decrease

I got a curve to the right. It’s not too bad but I want it straighter. Well recently I’ve been doing bends with a erect penis (with great care), and found that not only has my girth increased but the curve it less pronounced. I think the extra girth building up gives the illusion on a straighter unit. I will keep posting progress for those with the same problem

Thanks IU. We get little info on successful curve reduction and the methods used to achieve it. Keep us updated. :)

p.s. for the Newbies: erect bends are extremely dangerous.

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Thanks for the warning. I do it while masturbating. When I feel my unit swell more I do the bends. Yesterday my unit was bit sore so I slept with a hot water bottle. When I woke up it was thicker and I found that the bend was softer. I realized through my experimenting that I have some sort of scar on the right cc. It’s get softer allowing for more blood to flow in during jelqs. So far this all seems promising.

I've been told there a new 'confidence' in my step!!!!

I found that This task is more difficult than I anticipated but I have come to a conclusion. Through all my attempts I have gained considerable girth. This girth sort of fills in the gap-side of the curve. I lam learning ti live with my curve and continue to build my unit, and to learn to use my unit effectively. Almost like a para-olympic runner who can beat most able-runners.

I've been told there a new 'confidence' in my step!!!!

Why? Women love curves. I wish my penis had a curve, instead of jutting slightly to the left.

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Mine has a nice upward curve but also used to have a rather severe curve to the left. I had surgery on it when I was 23 and although I lost over an inch it works fine and looks fairly good too.

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