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Any ways to stretch from the glans? I’ve been grabbing but the pressure makes the blood flow decrease and therefore decrease in size so I pinch harder. This has made red spots. I like the feeling of pulling from the glans, it feels more effective but I have to chill for a day because of the red spots.

Starting as of 5/28/07 BPEL 6.45" EG 4.89"

Short Term Goal BPEL 6.75" EG 5.25"

Not So Short Term Goal BPEL 7" EG 5.5" Eventual Goal BPEL 7.5"-8" EG 6"-6.5"

Caden Vekk: Welcome.

Don’t do any hard exercises or you will get injury. I think that stretching from the glans will not give good results for your right curvature. Jelq with emphasis on the shorter CC is good and important. You shall do it putting your left forefinger extended under your penis, and (with no more than 80 percent erection), with the pulp of the left thumb, press firmly the right CC forward from the basis of the penis up to the glans (stop near the glans). This is a kind of localized jelq and is very effective to correct curvatures, but the results demand time (months or years). The other excellent exercise is to do some lateral bends against the curve. Be careful: it is one advanced exercise and needs some caution or it can cause injuries. The secret to avoid injuries and do this exercise with minimum risks is the following:

Undressed, sit down in a board of a firm surface, open widely your legs. With no more than 70 percent erection, uphold (or incase) the lateral left basis of your penis in the center of the curve formed by the left thumb and left forefinger, (your left hand vertical with the palm against your groin, the four fingers jointed low position).

Than, with the right hand, hold your penis, with the little finger of your right hand almost touching the left thumb. With this proper support to avoid excessive bending, execute 10 movements of bend against the curve, slowly and firmly. Breathe calmly some minutes, than repeat more two times. Don’t bend hard, and don’t separate the hands because is this proximity that give security to the exercise.

Before you do any exercises, it is indispensable warm properly the penis and his basis, and before you do the lateral bends is useful to prepare the tissues of the CC with one or two sets of localized jelqs as explained above. I’d try to do the instructions the most clear or detailed possible, but as English isn’t my native language, I ask your pardon for any fails. The excellent moderators we have here certainly shall correct and give more information.

Good luck, and my regards.

Bomkara, from Brazil.

Jelq with pressure on the curved side right? Curve to the right means shorter CC on right side; therefore jelq to the left, but put the pressure on the right side. Is this correct?

Start 3-05: EL- 4.5x EG- 3.8

Now 6-07: EL- 6 x EG- 4.5

Goal: EL- 7.5 x EG- 5.5 Just want a BIG ole peter!

“My penis is curved, can I fix that?

Yes, PE can fix curves. Normal stretching will tend to do this, as one side of the penis is tigher than the other, which is what creates the curve. This side will automatically receive more stress and the curve should even out.”

Bomkara thanks for the help, though I am a little confused on the first exercise. The localized jelq, I’ll read over some more if you have a tutorial for it, that would help too

Starting as of 5/28/07 BPEL 6.45" EG 4.89"

Short Term Goal BPEL 6.75" EG 5.25"

Not So Short Term Goal BPEL 7" EG 5.5" Eventual Goal BPEL 7.5"-8" EG 6"-6.5"

If you have a curve it means one of your corpora cavernosa is more thicker and developed then the other. In this case your left one is more bigger then the other. I am assuming you masturbated most of the time with your left hand. I had masturbated with my right and because of the the right side of my corpora cavernosa is bigger then the left causing it to lean over the left. Making a slight left curve. So it’s not about going against the curve. You have to develop the less developed side of the penis. The shorter side. So jelq on the shorter side, the side your penis is curving towards, apply some tight pressure on it not too much just some for a tight firm grip. Also use lubricants so you won’t screw up your skin on your penis. And do that. I have been , like jelq masturbating lately to fix this. I hold my penis like if your were to jelk. With one finger wrapped around my penis and adding pressure tight against the shorter side of the corpora cavernosa, for me I am adding pressure to the left side with my left hand. For you, your right. My left side is so under developed. Compared to my right. My right side when I took the mastering tape and measured half of my penis on my right side only it was like 3 and 1/8 or something like that and on my left side it was alittle past 2.25 of an inch. So if my left side was developed like my right it would have been so much thicker. So that is what I am trying to do now. Develop that side so it will be thick the way it’s supposed to be.

The majority of minor curves occur because of the improper healing of tissues in one side of the penis (one side gets more stretched than the other). I have a slight upward-left curve, probably owe it to masturbating with my right hand a lot.

In theory, I think it’s possible to fix it by doing the opposite, that is, create more microtears on the other side of the penis.

Nskrd, if masturbation caused curvature my dick would look like a pretzel by now. :leftie:

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It’s not uncommon to only stretch one side of the penis while masturbating (at least not for me). Guess what would happen if you frequently did 10 minutes mini-stretches on one side over a 10 years period? I think a slight curve would ensue, and I have one to prove it! :p


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