Curvature questions.

Hello, I have been searching these forums now for the past few weeks in the search of men who have gained curvature during PE and then PE-ed away. I am posting a thread here about it because I cannot seem to find anything on the subject when I use the search function (or when I look through the injury subforum). I am interested in this because I believe that is what I have managed to do to myself during my overzealous PE-ing a few years ago.
I have checked with peyronies disease but I do not feel any pain, nor have I had any shortenings of my penis during erections. Infact I think my penis has actually gotten slightly larger than before thanks to these curvatures!

In as soon as I can post pictures on the injury forum I will do so and ask for more advice, but for now I would just like to know if anyone has ever experienced this issue and then subsequently solved it.

Thank you for your time! ;3