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Originally Posted by alin
Are you left handed ? :)

Nope I’m right handed. :)

Started: 10-18-08 BPEL: 6.3 inches; BPEG: 4.8 inches.

Currently: BPEL 7.4 inches; BPEG: 5.2 inches

Goal: BPEL:8-8.5 inches; BPEG: 6 inches.

Mine curves left and up. That choice didn’t exist so I chose ‘up’.

START: [23 FEB 2010] BPEL: 6.5, EG: 4.9 [AUG 23 2010] BPEL: 7.75, EG: 5.3 [AUG 23 2011] BPEL: 8.1, EG: 6.0

MINI-GOAL: 8x6 (reached); LONG-TERM GOAL: 12x9

Originally Posted by Blambi
Mine curves left and up. That choice didn’t exist so I chose ‘up’.

Does it curve more left or more up?

Started: 10-18-08 BPEL: 6.3 inches; BPEG: 4.8 inches.

Currently: BPEL 7.4 inches; BPEG: 5.2 inches

Goal: BPEL:8-8.5 inches; BPEG: 6 inches.…asp?pageid=1722

I translate :”Robert Keersmaeckers, urologist: All penises are curved, yet many men are worried about it. By nature, the penis is curved towards the left or the right. It is rarely, if even never, straight. Most penises are a bit to the left because of the tendency of the owner to use his right hand. You will not find this information in any book, but personally, I’m sure.

I chose ‘left’ because, although very slight, I’d like to get rid of it - even though my upwards curve is much more noticeable, since I like that and want to keep it that way.

Could it be that, in addition to simple size, porn has conditioned a lot of men into thinking ‘normal’ penises are straight? Either because male porn models are chosen for having straight (as well as big) dicks in the first place, or because they’ve been stretching, pumping etc. For years and have therefore ironed out whatever natural curve they might once have had. Every now and then you do see some guy in porn with a curved dick, in whatever direction, and it’s a bit of a shock because it contrasts so much with all the straight ones you normally see. Just a thought.

That is really amazing. 37 % curve to the left and only 5 % to the right.

Looking at Wikipedia I found that:

10 % of world population seem to be left-handed, 90 % seem to be right-handed. Maybe we can really draw the conclusion that those curves are affected by masturbation? For myself I can say that I am masturbating with my right hand since I am 11 and - I have a curve to the left which I - am pretty sure - didn’t have 15 or 20 years ago. First noticed that curve to the left approximately 10 years ago.

BPEL: 6.7 > 7.1 > 8.0

EGM: 5.7 > 6.5 > 7.0

My previous EGM goal was 6.5 inches. Now that I reached that in 2016, I set a new goal with 7.0 inches.

I’m left handed but I learned to do the things with the right, so I’m in the middle.. The things I didn’t learn from other usually comes natural with the left. I masturbate with the left, and my penis is slightly to the left, but not curved. The curve, unfortunately, is very strong and downward and my penis at the base come out from the body at exactly 90°, so I’m a bit embarrassed because a cannot have a proper “good looking” erection.. It’s bigger obviously than soft, but it doesn’t look erect.

Starting at: 7"-18cm BPEL x 5.1"-13cm EG with a big downward curve (measure taken with much pain straightening the penis... Measured following the curve is 6/10"-1,5cm more)

Desired measures: 9"-23cm BPEL x 6.5-16,5cm EG the most straightened possible.

And then? In my dreams 12.25"-31cm BPEL x 8"-20cm EG, ahahaha... But this is only a personal fantasy and surely even very uncomfortable to manage...

Downwards, at midshaft.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

Two curves ?

Mine curves both down and to the left but there wasn’t an option for that lol

Frustrated with an upward curve. I find it interesting the correlation between left and right curves and dominate hand. I’ve been thinking perhaps using some sort of male masturbating device to masturbate against the curve, would provide some correction over time. Does anyone have any experience or theories if this would be effective?

Curved cock

My cock curves right


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