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Currently doing, what to do now, and does lube do this.

Currently doing, what to do now, and does lube do this.

Hi everyone, this would be my first post on Thunder’s Place, and I originally signed up for an improvement on my PE routine. I found out about Jelqing from google searches, and I stumbled across a website that explained how to do it. Http:// As I did this, I noticed some length and girth increase, but not much, though I’m grateful for any size increase. But lately, two problems have arisen. One is that my growth has come to a near stand-still, and I feel that I need to change up what I’m doing, and I’d like to have some advice on what would benefit me the most on my tight schedule with around an hour free for PE. Second is concerning lubricant. I started out with warming jelly lubricant, but it’s been having a strange effect on my foreskin. The skin looks like it’s more rough, or dry/crusty/whatever you want to call it. So I switched to baby oil. But I don’t like how it feels, it’s not as lubricating as the jelly. So can anyone tell me if what the jelly was doing to my foreskin to be expected, and just go with it, or stick with the oil?

Oh, and I’ve been working my way up to 500 Jelqs in sets of 100, and I sometimes did Kegels (flex PC muscle) I guess? Though I’ve been hearing about a BC muscle, and how that’s the thing for men as opposed to PC for women? I’m not sure about any of that, but a little clarity would be appreciated.

A warming jelly says it all. There are constituents in it to cause more blood to flow and that is done by irritating the skin. Probably not meant for sensitive penis skin.

HAve you tried the Newbie Routine.? That contains information on several ways of exercisng your dick not just jwlqing. Might be worth a try.


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500 jelqs would take hours. You need to increase the pressure, erection level if you feel your dick can take it. Also try stretching abit too. Like petit said read about the site.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

This is an excellent place to start, take a look. It may well be that you are doing too much. I recommend take a week or two off and start again with the above routine.

Baby oil is super slick, so don’t know where to send you from there. I actually like less slick for jelquing, so I like Vaseline, but just a small amount so as to not have a hard mess to clean up from.

And yes it sounds like that warming gel was irritating your skin.

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Thank you all for your replies and advice. I’ll be sure to be more mindful of my PE.


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