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Curious, please help...

Curious, please help...

hey people, this is actually my first post. I’ve been doing PE Newbie routine for a week now and I just have one question. I was reading the article on How to Jelq and it says that jelqing w/ the penis pointing upwards targets the tunica, while jelqing w/ penis pointing downwards targets the ligs. I have a low lot (around 6.5 - 7), and from what I’ve learned, I should be stretching my penis upwards (between 10:00 - 12:00). Does this theory also apply when I’m jelqing? If so, that means I should be jelqing w/ dick pointing upwards, thus targeting the tunica instead of ligs? I really wanna target the ligs first before the tunica but don’t wanna go against the LOT theory. What should I do? Thank you very much and I really appreciate the help.


Welcome to the board!

I think a good way to accomplish both would be to stretch in upward directions while jelqing downwards. In the beginning stages of PE, it’s really all about getting comfortable with the exercises and conditioning your dick.

You could even switch up days. Like one day, do all stretching and jelqing downwards, then the next PE day, do everything at upward angles.

Personally, I would try stretching the ligs first, since a lot of people seem to gain a little from doing lig focused exercises in the beginning. The tunica is harder to stretch than the ligs, and if you have some ligs to be stretched, then it’s better to try and get those first. But all this is up to you. Maybe some other people will chime in on what they think so you can get a better idea of what direction you want to take.

Other than that, give it a few months with the Newbie Routine, then if you need to focus more on the LOT Theory, then that’s the direction you’ll need to take. Good luck!


As far as jelqing goes, you will notice that at different angles and with different grips, the pump and feel of the penis changes. I believe that the primary goal of jelqing is to engorge the penis as much as possible. With that said, I agree with SuperStroker, experiment with different angles, and ultimately do whatever gives you the best pump. Blow it up, kinda.

One foot to go

thanks very much superstroker and soflsun. That’s what I’m gonna do, and hope everything works out. Thanks once again!

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