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Curious about VeInS

Curious about VeInS

I was just wondering if I’m the only one who wonders this. When jelqing veins appear and become bigger. I feel sometimes that I am “moving them around too much” or like one may pop. I was wondering is it safe to jelq when there are some obvious veins showing through pretty noticeably?

It is only natural that you’re veins are more visible when jelqing. If you don’t feel no pain or starting to get numb, you can probably jelq on.

Veins will come up when body temp rises as they want to lose heat faster.

This is normal and as they’re quite elastic, so as long as you’re not too heavy handed in jelqing you’ll be fine.

My suggestion would be if you feel sore then take it easier or if you think you’re damaging them then stop.

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