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Curious About Stretching and Clamping.

Curious About Stretching and Clamping.

I stretch jelq and clamp. Can clamping while stretching slow down the lengthening process?

Originally Posted by HugeWang69
I stretch jelq and clamp. Can clamping while stretching slow down the lengthening process?

Why are you clamping?
Are you on the newbie routine?
If so you should be mastering that instead of clamping, clamping is an advanced move.

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To answer your question (almost), you don’t stretch while you are clamping. Clamping is done while fully erect and stretching is done while fully flaccid.

Sorry if I didn’t make my self clear enough. I meant if you are doing a routine of clamping and stretching are you going to see less gains in the gaining length department since I’m clamping at the same time? I’ve read clamping can impede on length gains. I didn’t mean I was trying to stretch as I was clamping lol.

I suppose it would depend on how intense the clamping was. If you are a newbie to PE, I would advise against clamping for at least a few months. Each of the exercises affect different people in different ways, so it’s hard to say based on what you’ve told us. A clamping/stretching routine may work wonders for some, but be completely useless or damaging to others.

If you simply must clamp and stretch then my advice would be to start slowly, like with any new routine.

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